An authentic Slice of The Big Apple at NY Fold

Pizza is as synonymous with New York as yellow cabs, Central Park or the Statue of Liberty. Images of huge, juicy slabs of pizza dough packed with every topping imaginable are etched in the memory of anyone lucky enough to have visited the city that never sleeps.

So, NY Fold gives itself big expectations to live up to by including the iconic city in its name. But take a visit to this Soho pizzeria, run by husband and wife duo (and NY natives) Michael and Annabel, and you can see why it has reason to be confident.

NY Fold

NY Fold menu

Situated just off Shaftesbury Avenue (seconds from Palace Theatre), NY Fold is the perfect location for passing tourists and locals. Upon entry, you’re greeted by a friendly member of staff (or maybe even Annabel herself) who offers to talk you through how NY Fold works. You can order pizza by the slice or opt for 16 and 20-inch monsters, depending on your appetite and group size. It’s recently rolled out a 10-inch pizza for punters looking for a lighter lunch.

NY Fold

Lasagne ball

It’s clear NY Fold caters for big appetites, so we opted for an array of starters, led by the pizzeria’s signature appetiser, the lasagne ball; a rich bundle of mince and pasta, topped with homemade tomato sauce.

NY Fold

Selection of starters- Buffalo wings, gorgonzola wet fries & Lasagne ball

That care and dedication to providing authentic ingredients is even evident in the strength of flavour in the gorgonzola cheese sauce for the “wet fries.” The hot buffalo wings have no gimmicks and are deep fried (“the way they are meant to be”) and the cheesy garlic focaccia dunkers with bacon give a hint of how seriously NY Fold treats its dough.

NY Fold

Cheesy Focaccia dippers with bacon

There are homemade pasta dishes and salads available, but let’s be honest – we’re here for the pizza. I’m not traditionally a fan of blanco pizzas, but the “Big Daddy” was so tasty that I didn’t realise there was no tomato base until I’d eaten the slice. The salty garlic-infused mozarella and sweet caramelised onions complemented each other perfectly and the distinct taste of the artichoke punctuated the slice.

NY Fold

We cut 2 slices in half to try both flavours- The Big Daddy & Hot Italian

NY Fold

16 inch New Yorker/ Butcher Shop combo

We ordered a 16-inch pie with 2 toppings – the classic “New Yorker” pepperoni and the aptly named “Butcher’s shop”. If the “Big Daddy” is the perfect slice for veggies, then this is the Mecca for meat lovers. NY Fold’s 48-hour aged dough is naturally slightly thicker than a typical Neapolitan equivalent, but the stronger base allows for more toppings, which is no bad thing.

The Butcher’s shop boasts bacon, pepperoni, meatballs and Cumberland sausage. It’s with these generously-sized slices that you can practice the “NY fold” – bending the giant triangles in half before devouring them.

For those with any space in their stomach left, NY Fold rounds off its menu with a range of cakes, authentic milkshakes (of course) and sundaes – and it has just launched a “dessert pizza.” The Nutella stuffed crust is reason enough to order it.

As we left NY Fold and headed out into the sticky, early summer air I felt we could have been among the trendy SoHo bars and galleries in Lower Manhattan, rather than its namesake in central London. It was a fitting end to an evening that had served up an authentic slice of the Big Apple.

NY Fold

103 Charing Cross Road,London, WC2H 0DT

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