Bells Restaurant in Big Ben: The New Pop-Up Restaurant Making Londoners Tick

This is probably the biggest countdown to a restaurant opening in history – literally and figuratively. Next week, a lucky few will be able to dine inside London’s most famous landmark – Big Ben itself. Cloaked in secrecy up until now, we can reveal that the interior of the world’s most recognisable timepiece has been converted to house a pop-up restaurant, with teams working round the clock (pardon the pun), to have everything ready in time.

Big Ben

Named as Bells Restaurant, this ambitious opening will be London’s most exclusive dining experience and to stand a chance of getting your place at a table, simply tweet with the hashtag #BigBenRestaurant to be entered into a lottery, with the winners announced the day before opening.

The menu has remained a closely guarded secret, but the actual experience is guaranteed to be a little unorthodox. Diners will have to wear specially crafted ear-protectors during their meal – Big Ben’s chimes are too loud to risk eating without them. There will also be a strict 1-hour slot per table – when the clock starts to chime, you’ve had your time to dine.

To stand a chance of winning your place at Big Ben, get on Twitter and include the hashtag #BigBenRestaurant. You can also book your place at the restaurant below.

Bells Restaurant in Big Ben

Westminster, London SW1A 0AA


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