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Ever wondered exactly what The Michelin guide is, how Michelin stars are awarded, and what sets these dining spots apart from other restaurants? Check out our guide to Michelin’s world-famous awards, explore Michelin star restaurants, and find out about specially selected restaurants in the guide. We’ll also explain how Bookatable & Michelin are related, since Michelin’s acquisition of Bookatable in 2016.


How are Michelin and Bookatable linked?

Michelin acquired Bookatable in January 2016, whereupon Bookatable became Bookatable by Michelin. With the largest online reservations platform in Europe, market leader Bookatable gives Michelin the means to digitalise its offering. Helping restaurants manage their reservations, the acquisition marks Michelin’s desire to further develop online table management & technology, whilst bringing some gems from the restaurant industry’s world-famous little red guide book into the online space.

In our dynamic marketplace, Bookatable by Michelin helps diners discover all kinds of inspiring dining experiences online. Diners can experience Star Deals at both high-end hotspots & Michelin-starred restaurants, find Michelin-selected restaurants, or book everyday dining spots not featured in the guide.

Is the Michelin Guide linked to Michelin tyres?

Yes. French entrepreneurs Andre and Edouard Michelin started their tyre company in 1889, and, 11 years later, decided to map out a guide detailing the best hotels and restaurants that drivers could visit whilst on the road. By visiting these pinpointed places to eat, this got people moving on the company’s tyres, and resulted in the guide becoming the world’s leading authority on dining recommendations. With this iconic heritage, the tyre company, the maps and the guide have grown to become what they are today.

What is the Michelin Guide?

The Michelin Guide is an annual hotel and restaurant guide, mapping the world’s best places to eat. One of the world’s most trusted authorities when it comes to dining out, pocket-sized editions of the renowned red guide are published in countries across the globe. However it’s not just about ‘starred’ restaurants, and these make up only a small percentage of restaurants in the guide. The remainder is made up of specially selected restaurants, some of which have been visited by inspectors, enhancing your experience on any journey.

What are Michelin stars?

Michelin uses its stars to categorise the best restaurants in the world, with the number of stars awarded signifying the following:

1 star – Very good cooking in its category.

2 stars – Excellent cooking, worth a detour.

3 stars – Exceptional cuisine, worthy of a special journey.

What is a Bib Gourmand?

An award created in 1997, a Bib Gourmand recognises a restaurant for both quality and value, with 3 courses typically costing less than £28.

Can a restaurant be listed in the guide without Michelin stars?

Yes. Only a small percentage of restaurants listed in the guide are starred, and these establishments are recognised as the ‘best of the best’. The other restaurants are independently selected by Michelin’s inspectors as providing both good food and value.

How are Michelin stars awarded?

Stars are only awarded to a restaurant after multiple visits by Michelin’s anonymous inspectors. There is no clear-cut formula that can be followed when it comes to gaining a star, although some of the things that are taken into account when considering a potential starred restaurant are:

  • Ingredient quality
  • Technical skill
  • Chef’s signature flair
  • Value for money
  • Consistency (hence the inspectors’ multiple visits)

Restaurants already awarded stars must maintain this level of consistency to ensure they retain their stars.

Michelin Star Restaurants in London


The ultimate culinary accolade, a Michelin star means a restaurant has reached the pinnacle of dining excellence. Explore London restaurants awarded stars, and enjoy dishes cooked by Michelin-starred chefs.

Browse Michelin-starred restaurants


Michelin Star Deals


Looking to experience Michelin-starred cuisine for less? Whether it’s lunch at a 1-star countryside hideaway, or a tasting menu extravaganza at a 3-star winner, choose from our deals at the nation’s Michelin-starred restaurants.

Browse deals at Michelin-starred restaurants


Michelin Selected Restaurants


Tried and tested by Michelin’s inspectors, restaurants featured in The Michelin guide are amongst the best in the country. Check out these Michelin-selected restaurants, from Bib Gourmand winners, to restaurants with a coveted guide mention.

Browse Michelin-selected restaurants


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