Mini foodies interview Michel Roux Jr

We invited 11 young foodies to interview Michel Roux Jr and try out the children’s afternoon tea at Palm Court at The Langham, London.

As you can see, they didn’t hold back… Watch the full interview below:


In line with Michel’s ethos of quality cooking being available to diners of all ages, the afternoon tea offers a classic selection of sandwiches, cakes and scones with a playful twist.

The tea is interactive, with jigsaw puzzle sandwiches to un-piece, and a cake that can be assembled into the shape of a dog. This is all served in a setting that will impress younger and older diners alike, the Palm Court Restaurant of the prestigious Langham hotel.

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Rita o’hara

I have booked through many times and the experience has always been easy and accurate

Carmen R. Gomez-Madi

Have dined with my husband, son, and friends many times at the Michel Roux Jr.’s restaurant at The Langham. Each time a wonderful experience. Here’s hoping to win for yet another great experience!

Karen Rohleder

I would take my bestie as a special treat as he’s currently supporting his sister who has recently had shocking diagnosis of inoperable tumour. He’s cancelled a lot of things to care for her but dinner somewhere nice would be manageable for him. He deserves a treat


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