Manchester’s Red n Hot: Extreme Chinese Dining

Manchester Chinatown Red n Hot

With a great value menu that includes the heady delights of pigs’ ears, gizzard and intestines as well as more traditional flavours, Red n Hot in Manchester’s Chinatown has to be on every adventurous-diners must-visit list.

The award-winning Red n Hot chefs clearly relish their task of taking obscure animal parts and exotic flavour combinations to create new and exciting dishes for their growing fan base – but if you’re taking a more conservative friend, fear not. There’s an excellent range of Chinese restaurant favourites too.

Tucked inside one of Princess Street’s imposing Edwardian former warehouse buildings, Red n Hot offers sleek and sophisticated Chinese-inspired decor, with a core colour scheme of black, white, and hot chilli red.  The team –  inspired by the cooking of the Hunan and Szechan regions –  combine the three elements of colour, aroma and taste to create a tantalising array of boldly flavoured and richly spiced dishes.

It’s never easy to make a decision when faced with the long list of numbered dishes on the typical Chinese restaurant menu. Red n Hot certainly don’t make it any easier, as intriguing experimental dishes vie with restaurant classics for your attention. Pig’s ears with chilli (£6.50), anyone? Deep fried hot and spicy intestines (£7.50)? Chicken feet marinated in pickled juice (£6.80)?   And it’s not just the meat options that will have you pondering what might arrive on your plate. Vegetarian options include jelly fungus with wild red chilli and minced garlic dressing topped with coriander (£5.50), preserved egg with hot green pepper (£5.50), and home-made Sichuan spicy beancurd jelly (£4.00).

If you’re a fan of sizzling dishes, you won’t be disappointed. Amongst other choices, there’s cumin-flavoured shredded squid (£12), aubergine with pork fillings in fish flavoured sauce (£8.50), and quick fried sea whelks with red and green pepper (£9.80). The griddle provides a further range of choices – you could go for chicken wings; but why not try chicken gizzard (both £12.80)? Those who like a spice challenge should look out for the ‘numbing’ dishes, such as hot and numbing beef or sliced fish (£8.50/£12).

Red n Hot doesn’t neglect the less adventurous diner. You’ll still find crispy aromatic duck (£7.50), crispy spring rolls (£2.80), and chicken with cashew nuts (£7.80), and there are plenty more favourites listed on the menu. Starting at £16.80 a head, the banquet meals also offer great value.

Whether you’re a Chinatown regular or simply love finding new foods to eat, Red n Hot promises a unique treat and a meal to remember.


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