Koji Brunch: A Japanese Feast in Parsons Green

Brunch at Koji, Parsons Green

Brunch at Koji, Parsons Green

Japanese may not be the first cuisine you would immediately associate with brunch, but if Koji is anything to go by, it’s an option that should seriously be considered. This traditional Japanese Koji brunch can be enjoyed on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-3pm, when you can also try lunch from the full Koji menu. A traditional Japanese breakfast was laid out for us, and what a smorgasbord it was.

The miso salmon was definitely a show-stopper of a dish. Wow. Having absorbed all of the miso sweetness after marinating for two days, the result was a delicious hunk of sweetly roasted salmon that was perfectly tender and cooked to pink perfection. This is certainly a worthy rival to any black miso cod you can try in the capital. Adding a bit of piquancy, the pickled daikon and carrot, along with the first sign of sakura cherry blossom, were soaked in Japanese vinegar. These subtle pickles perfectly partnered the rich, roasted miso salmon, along with the crunchy green beans which were brought to life with a punchy black sesame dressing. The onsen tamago was a hot spring egg, poached with savoury umami jelly and oroshi with spring onions. A warming, healthy take on a brunch staple.

Koji, Parsons Green

Koji, Parsons Green

Bringing a flavoursome punch, the tofu had wakame and signora seaweed with a tasty allium dressing and alongside, Japanese mushrooms had been soused with mirin, dashi, sake and umami soy, soaking in all the flavours beautifully well. Some fluffy steamed rice also accompanies the brunch delicacies, if you have room. To top it all off, the ton-jiru miso soup was a hearty broth full of depth with roasted pork: cleansing and warming in equal measures.
I would highly recommend this feast of a Japanese brunch at any time, and if you haven’t sorted your Valentine’s Day treat yet, this one could earn some Brownie points on Feb 14th, or on any weekend for that matter. We tried this exquisite, traditional Japanese breakfast on a Sunday, and it was a mouth-watering alternative to run-of-the-mill Sunday fry-ups and roasts. It’s just not right that something this healthy can be so delicious.


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