JW Steakhouse – bringing that American flair to Mayfair!

Walking around London with an array of different restaurants on every street corner can often leave you confused about which one to choose. What if I choose Italian but there is a better sushi place round the corner? What if I’m lured into a Chinese restaurant but there’s a more exciting menu at the Indian place down the road? All these options can sometimes leave a London foodie feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure if they’ve made the right decision for food. JW Steakhouse however was the perfect choice and left my guest and I feeling completely satisfied and happy with our decision that day.

You can find the beautiful JW Steakhouse located on the ground floor of Grosvenor House, a JW Marriott Hotel in Park Lane, London. The Steakhouse houses a gorgeous Bourbon Bar that holds the largest selection of Bourbons in London. Although I am not a fan of Bourbon myself this bar is something my boyfriend and his friends would go weak at the knees for and we were impressed with the huge variety they had lined up – it made a great photo too!

Bourbon Bar - JW Steakhouse

Bourbon Bar

We were greeted by our lovely waitress who led us to the table and presented with the extensive and mouth-watering menu. We started off the meal with 2 glasses of crisp champagne while looking over the starters, mains, sides and the lengthy wine list.

For my guest and I, starters are sometimes the most important decision of the meal – it sets the tone for the feast to come! Being listed as “starters” it surely gives us an excuse to order more than one…each! So after speaking to the waitress about her recommendations we decided to share 3.

We went for the spinach and artichoke dip served with tortilla chips, salsa and sour cream. This was amazing! A cheese lover’s dream, dipping the tortilla chip into a bowl of melted creamy cheese with vibrant green spinach and artichoke. The portion was huge and we couldn’t stop laughing at how much we had ordered based on the size of the first dish.


Spinach and Artichoke Dip - JW Steakhouse

Spinach and Artichoke Dip £9

The second starter was the Maryland-style lump crab cake. Now my guest and I are not usually huge fans of crab dishes, but because it was recommended by our waitress we thought we would give it a go, and we were so glad we did. It was delicious, a dish packed full of flavour along with a delicate flaky texture. We polished off the dish, shaming ourselves for the misconceptions we previously had of crab. It was accompanied by a traditional tartar which was the perfect dipping sauce.

JW Maryland Style Lump Crab Cake - JW Steakhouse

JW Maryland Style Lump Crab Cake £15

For the third and final starter we went for the classic good old fried calamari. I am often skeptical about ordering squid because it is sometimes served overcooked and therefore chewy but luckily these were the opposite. They were perfectly fried, beautifully soft in the centre and left our taste buds dancing and excited for the main course.

Fried Calamari - JW Steakhouse

Fried Calamari £12

Having a knowledgeable waiter able to explain all the different cuts of meat makes the whole dining experience much more enjoyable. Each steak is carefully handpicked and then seared on their 650-degree Celsius broiler. Sirloin is my favourite cut of steak, so when I saw this on the display board I knew being a creature of habit, I’d pick it over any of the many cuts they had to offer. I asked for it to be cooked medium-rare and I was not disappointed when presented with a beautifully cooked New York strip. The meat was so tender, that my knife glided easily through, making each mouthful leaving me wanting more. The ever so slightly marbled effect of fat running throughout the sirloin gave this 10oz steak a juicy and rich flavour. What better way to enjoy a steak than to add one of their toppings from the menu. I opted for the grilled jumbo shrimp and luckily you’re given 2 so I could share with my guest. The shrimps were seasoned well and the initial crunch followed by a soft centre contrasted well with my melt in the mouth steak.

Display Board - JW Steakhouse

Display Board


New York Strip - JW Steakhouse

New York Strip 10 oz £34

Like myself, my guest also always orders the same cut of steak when at a steakhouse, however opting for the fillet. We of course shared some of our steaks with each other so we could have a taste of both. The 8oz fillet was requested as medium-rare and arrived cooked to perfection. We understood as soon as we had our first bite why JW Steakhouse has such an amazing reputation in the foodie world! The steak was succulent and soft with a charcoal flavour on the crust of the steak. We shared 2 sauces between us; bearnaise and bourbon peppercorn – we managed to get bourbon in to the meal somehow even if we weren’t drinking it! The bearnaise was buttery, tangy and rich while the peppercorn was silky smooth with a slight kick coming from the bourbon. Both sauces were delicious and we could not chose which one we preferred.

Filet - JW Steakhouse

Filet 8 oz £39

Keeping on trend, we couldn’t have ordered 3 starters and then ignore the sides to go with our mains. We couldn’t resist picking another creamy dish and the creamed spinach didn’t disappoint. A hot, creamy spinach fused with melted cheese made this side incredibly indulgent and 2 happy diners very satisfied.

Continuing the gluttony we enjoyed the simple and buttery mash. Simple isn’t usually a word I’d like to use to describe a dish, however, the unfussy, beautifully buttery and silky smooth mashed Maris Pipers were so gratifying and left my guest and I fighting over the last spoonful.

Wanting to throw some healthy greens into the mix, we were recommended one of the daily specials; courgettes. A mixture of green and yellow courgettes were delicately sauteed, crunchy on the outside with a succulent fleshy middle. If you’re a garlic fan, then this accompaniment is certainly one for you.

Creamed Spinach, Simple and Buttery Mash, Courgettes - JW Steakhouse

Creamed Spinach, Simple and Buttery Mash, Courgettes


“Room for dessert?” “Don’t worry, we’ll find some.” To avoid any form of food envy we picked 2 desserts to share. The first being the warm brownie pudding and as a certified chocoholic, I can confidently say this is a must try! Having a fairly good idea about what would be greeting us behind the chocolate shell I couldn’t wait to use my spoon and crack the casing. A luxurious warm brownie was revealed with just the right amount of sticky sweetness. To counteract the hot chocolate, I scooped a large spoonful of cold vanilla ice cream which immediately melted and tasted truly delicious.

Warm Brownie Pudding - JW Steakhouse

Warm Brownie Pudding £8

The Best Cheesecake “This side of the Pond”. A bold statement, that we couldn’t possibly argue with! Naturally, JW Steakhouse recommend to share this dessert, even though you may not want to. Selling an impressive 500 of these showstoppers each day there was no way we were leaving the restaurant without trying one. The sweet, velvety creamed cheese is lightly whipped and encased by a short biscuit base structure. As soon as my spoon broke the outer layer, the crumbly and buttery biscuit allowed the thick white lava filling to slowly run out…and straight onto my spoon.

The Best Cheesecake - JW Steakhouse

The Best Cheesecake £15

Overall the whole meal was absolutely faultless. We were so full, almost needing to be rolled out of the door, our jean buttons were begging to be popped open for the stroll back to the Tube! We have visited many steakhouses around London but this simply ticked every box. The great thing is you can have an incredible 3-course meal for lunch or dinner daily as well as something lighter in the morning from the breakfast menu. I could not recommend JW Steakhouse more highly, an outstanding experience with great staff, beautiful food and we are already planning our next visit.

JW Steakhouse

Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London, W1K 7TN

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