Food Trends 2017 – Jon Claro, inamo

We spoke to Jon Claro of inamo, famous for the interactive tables at their restaurants in Soho, Covent Garden and Camden, about their predictions for 2017.


1)       What ingredients do you think will be popular on restaurant menus in 2017?

Out with the old and in with new! The foods you’ll be hearing about constantly in 2017 are:

  • Algae
  • Black raspberries
  • Baobab
  • Moringa
  • Water tapped from every kind of tree nut and fruit
  • Genetically-engineered meat…
  • Savoury yogurt.


2)        What cuisines do you expect to become more popular in 2017?

Bowl-style grab-and-go cuisine, individually served hot, and buffet style. Easy to eat, full of flavour, individually garnished mini-meals. Also a perfect choice for informal events that enable guests to mingle and socialise in the same way as a canapé reception would.


3)       What flavours have you seen being developed, that you envisage emerging on restaurant menus in 2017?

Unusual meat and seafood items are making their way onto restaurant menus, both in terms of unusual items, and cuts. We’ve been using fillet tail regularly.


4)        Have you seen a trend for locally sourced food amongst diners over the past year and do you expect this to continue in 2017?

This is a key trend that will definitely continue for a long time to come. I feel that guests are now more aware and vigilant in what they eat in terms of individual health & dietary requirements. There are now a lot of local food suppliers who understand that.

First floor - group dining tables

5)       When it comes to vegetarian/vegan dining, have you seen an increase in this market? Do you suspect that this trend will continue?

Absolutely. This year in Britain alone at least 542,000 people have been following a vegan diet compared to 10 years ago there was only 150,000. The British Dietetic Association suggest that this number will increase further in 2017. This is something we’ve looked to cater for at inamo by introducing a jackfruitstir-fry, poke, and a number of other vegetarian/vegan dishes to our menu, alongside more clean-eating recipes.


6)       What ingredients do you suspect we will see less of on restaurant menus in 2017?

In 2017 my feeling is that at the fast-casual end of the market some burger chains will be hit as more and more people lean towards a healthy eating mind-set. Although in mid to high end restaurants guests still like to indulge a bit – our wagyu burger & wasabi fries on the menu at inamo is still popular!


7)       With health and well-being becoming more and more prominent following the rise of the superfoods and the Nutribullet, what are restaurants doing to keep up with this trend?

Souping is the new juicing! It’s already big in the US, consumer love of juices is going one step further as they are seeking more texture and fibre from their fruit and veggies. Souping has high nutritional value with detoxifying benefits, plus it is a bit more filling.




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