Honey and Flowers at Keepers: The Bee’s Knees

After visiting Keepers Lounge Bar & Kitchen, it was obvious to me that there’s not enough floral crockery in my life. I’m stuck in my flat with boring white plates, with the occasional plain blue or dull green to spice things up. Dinner at Keepers woke me up from my dinnerware coma. I need to address this issue, and fast.

Not that this is the only thing to recommend about the restaurant: far from it. Situated around the corner from Tower Hill Tube, Keepers boasts a bold, striking interior; all angles and spaces, allowing you to peek through into the adjacent bar, although the bar’s clientele would struggle to stare back.

Scallops with Sweetcorn Relish
Scallops with sweetcorn relish

We started with the scallops, served on a bed of sweetcorn relish with lime. I immediately crushed the lime right over the dish and dug in. The scallops were pan-seared, meaning they were hot and cooked just lightly enough for the flavour to power through. The relish was the perfect accompaniment, and with the lime squeezed over the top, it created an orchestra of flavour that actually outshadowed the outstanding blue floral pattern underneath.

Goat's Cheese Crumble
Goat’s cheese crumble

This came alongside the goat’s cheese crumble, filled with portobello mushroom and black truffle-infused honey (more on the honey later), and served on a light salad and with a balsamic glaze. I love goat’s cheese. If you don’t, you should (unless you’re lactose intolerant, in which case, you shouldn’t). It’s warm, it’s tasty, and when it’s served in a crumble, it’s a warm, wintery treat.

Duck Breast with Honey
Duck breast

The Asian-spiced duck breast with five spices, black truffle honey, stir fried wild mushrooms and bok choi was incredible. The honey was fresh from the top of the building, where 60,000 bees were happily producing more as I ate. I hope they were as happy as I was – the duck was succulent, roasted and matched well with the wonderful bed of vegetables.


Alongside the duck, we tried the creamy risotto with wild mushrooms, served with asparagus, truffle oil and rocket salad. The risotto was warm and gooey, as all good risottos should be. The asparagus and salad added a firm, contrasting edge to the dish, and was well positioned over the rice.

Keeper's Chocolate Brownie Sundae
Keepers chocolate brownie sundae

It was time for some desserts. Along with a nice, hearty coffee, I tried the Keepers chocolate brownie sundae: a mess of ice cream, chocolate, nuts and fruit crammed into a delicate jam jar. The dessert was incredibly well presented, and with a taste to match – the mix of cool ingredients topped off the meal rather nicely.

Florentine Cheesecake
Florentine cheesecake

We also tried the florentine cheesecake, which was honey and vanilla infused with pumpkin seeds, cranberry and citrus peel. The cake was smooth and complex, and ultimately a nice sweet end to the meal.

It’s not often I find myself recommending a place boasting bees on the roof and some of the best crockery I’ve seen in London, but Keepers is a winner.


Keepers Lounge Bar & Kitchen

10 Pepys Street, London, EC3N 2NR


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