Homegrown Heroes: The Return of Local Ingredients

Farmers markets have seen a resurgence in popularity the past few years, with consumers preferring to support locals selling their wares. I love strolling through the markets on a weekend morning and seeing really fresh fruit and veg, with vendors proud of what they are selling – a stark contrast from pre-packaged produce from the larger supermarket chains. 

It’s no surprise that this mindset has seen restaurants are also returning to the homegrown ethos – embracing what their local region has to offer in the way of meat, poultry, cheese, wine and veg. 


Hotel du Vin, Clerkenwell

Hotel and restaurant chain, Hotel du Vin & Bistro have introduced a new “Homegrown & Local” menu featuring produce from local butchers, farmers and cheese-makers as they believe that these local suppliers are highly passionate about what they do, and this is reflected in the quality of their ingredients. 

Artisan & Vine

And it’s not just food that is seeing an increase in popularity– London’s Artisian & Vine specialize in natural, British wines sourced from vineyards across the country. Skeptical as I was about the quality of British wine, an in-house tasting event changed my opinion of them for the better. In fact they’re good enough to rival a good French or Australian wine any day. 

It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter if you are a national chain such as Hotel du Vin or a small independent bar – it’s possible to provide exquisite food and drink by supporting your local growers, and in return the locals may just support you! 

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