Review: Steak & wine at Hanger Steakhouse

Just before the rain came rushing down on a humid but cloudy London, we marched along Fulham Broadway ready for a meaty feast at the cool and casual Hanger Steakhouse.

Entrance - Hanger Steakhouse

Entrance to Hanger Steakhouse

Greeted at the door by the very friendly restaurant manager Jan, we were swiftly seated at our table by the window for an evening filled with good food and wine.


Interior - Hanger Steakhouse

Inside the restaurant

We instantly felt at ease by the stylish but stress-free atmosphere. The décor was industrial with a feeling of “steakhouse chic”. At Hanger Steakhouse they practice a sharing concept, where all meat is shared on a big wooden slab, which sounded great for us as we could try a bit of everything. Let the cutlery fight begin!


Bellini - Hanger Steakhouse

Menu and bellinis

With our expectations set high we sat back with a deliciously fizzy bellini, recommended to us by the lovely Jan, and got to perusing the menu.

Olives & bread - Hanger Steakhouse

Marinated olives – £3, and Sourdough – £3

After quenching our thirst, we kicked things off with some pre-dinner snacks. A generous bowl of fresh, marinated green olives, as well as a basket brimming with soft sourdough bread and balsamic and olive oil were placed in front of us.

Ox cheeks - Hanger Steakhouse

Ox cheeks – confit garlic, bone marrow – £9.50

To start with my dining partner ordered the ox cheeks. Sensing a battle I wouldn’t win, I let him have this one. A huge portion of mouth-watering ox cheeks with confit garlic and bone marrow soon appeared. The meat flaked apart by the touch of the fork with the crunchy bone marrow and slightly sweet confit garlic creating a nice set of textures and flavours.

Beef tartare - Hanger Steakhouse

Smoked beef tartare – kimchi – £7

My starter certainly did not disappoint either! A majestic portion of beef tartare smothered in just the right amount of kimchi, left me pleased with my choice too. A smokey and spicy kick perfectly accompanied the delicate beef. The toasted bread adding extra crunch to a delicious starter.

USDA hanger steak - Hanger Steakhouse

USDA hanger steak – 300g – £22

However, it was now time to get down to business. Steak was why we were there after all! My dining partner chose the USDA hanger steak pretty quickly. The meat was cooked perfectly medium rare. This was accompanied by thin chips in rosemary salt and aioli, and he chose a nice herby chimichurri sauce.

Truffle gnocchi - Hanger Steakhouse

Truffle gnocchi gratin – pecorino – £5

As a special treat we were also given the truffle gnocchi gratin, made from scratch every day. The gnocchi was perfectly soft and the layer of Pecorino cheese on the top sealed the deal for us.

Pichana asada - Hanger Steakhouse

Marinated pichana ‘asada’ 250g – £17

Following Jan’s advice, I ordered the red wine-marinated pichana asada steak, with a mixed leaf salad in citrus dressing and a pot of béarnaise. The steak was beautiful. Perfectly seasoned after 24 hours marinating in red wine and cooked to perfection.

Wine - Hanger Steakhouse

Lañya Merlot

We washed down our amazing steaks with a Lañya Merlot from Chile, as suggested by Jan. This full-bodied red accompanied both our dishes impeccably.

Panna cotta - Hanger Steakhouse

Coconut panna cotta – white chocolate – £5.50

Feeling suitably stuffed but still having a bit of room for something sweet, we carried on with dessert. The first was a coconut panna cotta with white chocolate buttons. The panna cotta was silky and smooth with a hint of coconut with every bite. My dining partner, who’s normally not a fan of coconut, lapped it up in seconds!

Banana fritters - Hanger Steakhouse

Banana fritters – chocolate fondue – £6

Dessert number 2 was a huge plate of lightly battered banana fritters served with a gorgeously smooth dark chocolate sauce. It was heavenly! Anything battered can quickly go soggy, but this kept its texture and had a bit of crunch even after dunked ferociously in the chocolate.

If you’re looking for a relaxed time with great steaks at a reasonable price, this is the place for you. The atmosphere makes it great for both date night and somewhere to take your friends for a delicious meal. We had such a fun evening and didn’t feel rushed in the slightest, and we were there for quite a few hours too!

Hanger Steakhouse

461 Fulham Road, Fulham, SW6 1NZ

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