Green Room at The Curtain

Once I’d heard there was an opportunity to review the new afternoon tea offering at Green Room, in the gorgeous, 5-star The Curtain hotel, I jumped at the chance. Located on Curtain road in Shoreditch, this hotel screams elegance.

Green Room offers 2 options, afternoon tea, or if you want to treat yourself, champagne afternoon tea. Since we visited on the hottest day of the year, we opted for the latter.

To start, we browsed the tea list, packed full of specialist blends, priding themselves on their partnership with Hackney Herbal, a local social enterprise offering a variety of teas and infusions.

We chose to try the Breathe, infused with lemon verbena, passionflower and a hint of lime blossom. In addition, we had to try The Curtain Blend, bespokely made for this afternoon tea. It consisted of spearmint, echinacea, sage, and liquorice.

After a few sips of the tea, the food arrived, presented in classic afternoon tea fashion with sandwiches, scones and teacakes.

The sandwiches came in 2 options. First up, classic ham and cheese on wholemeal bread.

The other, which as a G&T lover, stood out to me on the menu prior to my arrival, was the gin and tonic sandwiches. They were stuffed with cucumber, and had a very refreshing flavour, a great option for the summertime.

Having a bagel is quite unorthodox for an afternoon tea, however a welcome inclusion. This one embraces the classic bagel ingredients of soft cheese, chives and succulent smoked salmon, topped with slices of tomatoes.

Lastly on the savoury plate, devilled eggs. Green Room doesn’t stop with the surprises, adding a Red Rooster flair to the menu, the speciality of the neighbouring restaurant within the Curtain Hotel. The renowned devilled eggs were a great addition, able to convince even us non-yolk lovers…

Now we move onto possibly the make or break of an afternoon tea, the scones. We were given both a plain and fruit scone each, freshly baked and served warm, with clotted cream and strawberry jam. Whether you prefer your scones the Devonian way, or the Cornish way, you won’t be disappointed (but if you prefer Cornish, you’re wrong.)

All of these were served alongside a sweet selection satisfying my fondness for sweet food.

My favourite on this plate was the cheesecake, which had a crunchy buttery crust and dense, velvety cream cheese. When I imagine what Chandler and Rachel’s stolen cheesecake tastes like, it’s this!

We continued with the Victoria sponge. A golden thick sandwich filled with sweet and indulgent clotted cream butter icing and glossy strawberry jam.

The French fudgy macarons were bursting with fresh juicy raspberry flavour throughout. Tangy, melt-in-your-mouth amazing! Crispy on the outside, with a soft, gooey centre, macarons always remind me of my time in France.

The mini lemon meringue pie was also delightful. It had a buttery base, with a zesty filling. And lastly, the millionaire cheesecake, rich and chocolatey, topped with gold leaves – heaven for chocolate lovers like me.

After we got through all this amazing food, we had some time to relax and finish our teas. Our afternoon tea ended with a cold glass of champagne Veuve Clicquot, Signature champagne, a fine balance between fruity aromas and subtle toasty notes.

The service and atmosphere at Green Room was absolutely marvellous, and for afternoon tea with a Shoreditch twist, don’t wait for tomorrow!

Green Room at The Curtain

45 Curtain Rd, Shoreditch, London, London, EC2A 3PT

About Alexia Makanika

A foodaholic and secret explorer, Alexia has been living in London for 4 years, and is a lover of Greek cuisine. She is always trying to find and explore hidden gems for food and drink. When she is not attempting her own bake-off, you will probably find her looking for her personal “Ithaca”…

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