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Love. Eat. Live. There’s much more to Giraffe restaurants than filling grumbling stomachs. It’s also about opening up to the vibrancy of cuisine, music and culture from around the globe. Every Giraffe restaurant has its own unique charm, filled with strokes of brightness and jazzy artwork, and the signature orange and black colour scheme.

Giraffe restaurant Giraffe Giraffe restaurants

Giraffe’s History

Still managed by the trio who founded the brand, Juliette, Russel and Andrew have ensured Giraffe has never steered from its main objectives; to serve tasty food and drinks in a fun, fresh environment. The first Giraffe venture, The Giraffe Café, opened its doors in 1998 in Hampstead, and it’s been onwards and upwards ever since, with the chain now boasting an empire of 43 branches in the UK.

Giraffe Menu

Bright and cheerful, Giraffe serves a colourful selection from breakfast through to dinner, using favourite recipes sourced from around the globe. Giraffe is all about catering for everyone, and is renowned for its bountiful vegetarian selection. From the Mother Earth flat bread pizza to a flavoursome Jambalaya risotto, there’s certain to be something to satisfy. Giraffe also pays close attention to diners with allergies, and a handy allergy chart lets diners know exactly what’s on offer. An array of tasty treats is set aside for gluten, nut and dairy allergy sufferers.

With a glowing reputation for its family friendly vibe, Giraffe serves a sumptuous selection exclusively for its little diners. Instead of the usual pitiful 3 choices that often constitutes the ‘kids menu’, Giraffe serves an extensive selection of nutritious treats, like Explorers’ BBQ chicken wraps, or wholesome cottage pie.

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