Fancy a steakation? Head to Gillray’s…

Walking into the majestic dining room at Gillray’s you’re greeted by a well stocked bar populated with a plethora of gins, and gazing out the window you see a glorious view of the Thames which adds a certain luxurious vibe to the evening. That will be a mainstay throughout the meal as we’re continuously wowed by the offerings at Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar.

Yorkshire Pudding - Gilray's

Cocktail & Yorkshire Pudding

To accompany our starting cocktails (gin based of course), we were bestowed a Yorkshire pudding in lieu of a bread roll. The inspiring part of the serving is there is cheese baked into the Yorkshire! Combined with a side of horseradish to provide a complementary heat, we could’ve easily eaten a baker’s dozen of these if not for the rest of the meal that was to take place.

Pan-fried Mackerel - Gilray's

Pan fried Mackerel with baby gem croutons, parmesan, anchovies and an oyster dressing

Our starters were pan-fried mackerel with baby gem croutons, parmesan, anchovies and an oyster dressing, and free-range chicken and mushroom roulade with Black Combe ham, aubergine and tarragon. These were very well cooked, the mackerel being a particular highlight, the anchovies bringing a salty and oily taste that went well with the rest of the salad. The chicken was cooked very nicely and was presented quite elegantly.

Knives - Gilray's

Knives in Gilray’s

For our mains we each decided to get a different cut of steak. Our server provided us with a well received recommendation for our meal and invited us to select a steak knife from a range that had varying blade sizes and makes of handle. We were very impressed with this as we were able to select a utensil that would enable us to really personalise our experience with these wonderfully cooked cuts of beef. Cooked to our specifications, it was tender, and very easy to cut into with our selected cutlery.

Broccoli & Spinach - Gilray's

Broccoli with toasted almonds and chili & creamed Spinach – £3 each

I’ll have to take a minute to talk about the sides as they were absolutely incredible. I’m well known as a fiend for creamed spinach, but I have never had spinach that was prepared in such a way – the spinach soft and silky, the cream sharp and adding a saltiness to the spinach, that I had to order a second serving. I couldn’t get enough. In addition we had tender stem broccoli with toasted almonds & chilli which as a combination worked really well and tasted great. We also indulged in some toppers to fully maximise our experience of eating this steak – I had the prawns which were seasoned very well while my guest had the Burford Brown eggs which were poached perfectly.

Bakewell tart - Gilray's

black cherry Bakewell tart with white chocolate custard

For dessert my dinner guest had a black cherry Bakewell tart with white chocolate custard, which they had reservations about being overly sweet and cloying but found it anything but! Described as tarte and delicious, it served as a nice ending for their meal. I, on the other hand, opted for the vegan lime meringue. Served with a blackberry compote and avocado mousse this was an interesting dessert which I thought worked really well together, and is a wonderful vegan alternative.

To sum up my visit to Gilray’s in one sentence would do it a disservice – it’s hard to describe just how fantastic the service, setting, and food were. Take a trip and sample the delights.

Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar

County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, Entrance via Marriott Hotel or Queens Walk, London, SE1 7PB

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WOWZA. BAZINGA. WHAT A REVIEW. I’m off to book my table at gilrays asap, the food sounds top notch!


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