Like A Kid In A Sweet Shop: The Fat Duck Launches Animated Menu Tour To Whet Diners’ Appetites

Like A Kid In A Sweetshop - Fat Duck

The Holy Grail of dining destinations, Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck never ceases to astound with its multi-sensory tasting experiences. The launch of the chef’s newest concept gives those with upcoming reservations an animated online glimpse into what awaits them when they arrive. Heston’s weird and wonderful culinary innovation sees his 3 Michelin-starred restaurant get up to 30,000 enquiries per day for one of its 15 coveted tables. Massive demand means that if you’re one of the chosen ones who’s triumphed in making a reservation, the wait to actually sit down at said table can be up to 3 months. To keep the excitement alive during those seemingly endless 90 days, Heston has announced a secret website, which can be viewed exclusively by eagerly awaiting diners.

Heston sends out a personal web link to his prospective guests; each of whom are invited to view a fantastical animated tour of The Fat Duck menu. Watch the screen fill with images of the make believe, from psychedelic toadstools, to hypnotic kaleidoscopes made up of lollipops. You’ll then find yourself journeying through a sweetshop filled with the delights found at your future table, with the shopkeeper’s dulcet tones coming courtesy of Britain’s favourite thespian, John Hurt. Blumenthal’s latest tasting journey, ‘Like a Kid in a Sweet Shop’, rekindles the flavours of youth in an awesome 14-course selection. Delve into your customary pink pin-striped paper bag and marvel at the intricately-crafted goodies within: white chocolate queen of hearts playing cards, gooey caramels with edible wrappers, and a nostalgic stick of coconut baccy.  

It’s undoubtedly a little strange, but that’s the whole point. Heston gives you a glimpse into what awaits you at The Fat Duck: the chance to be pulled out of the real world, and thrown into one where you can experience that long forgotten, ‘kid in a sweetshop’ joy. 

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