Review: Fancy Crab in fancy Marylebone

The food scene in London seems to have established a new trend of restaurants focusing on one ingredient,  from pizza to steak via tacos, but there’s a new kid on the block and this one is all about crab!

Fancy Crab Open Kitchen

Fancy Crab Open Kitchen

Fancy Crab, located in the equally fancy Marylebone is London’s newest seafood joint and being a lover of ‘The See Food’ diet, anything from under the sea gets my immediate attention. The restaurant itself has been kitted out with warm, inviting and modern decor, complete with a selection of booths and tables. The overall vibe of the restaurant is atmospheric with people laughing, taking pictures with the king crab and the best part – the open kitchen taking centre stage for diners to watch the chefs prepare different choices of crab.

Greeted by the lovely and attentive staff who were wearing real bow ties with crabs printed on them – a very cute detail – we were sat at one of the booths and given some bread and seaweed-infused butter. The menu does offer alternatives for those who are not crab lovers but overall the menu focuses predominantly on the red king crab. We were presented by our extremely knowledgeable waiter with one of their king crabs which was nearly as big as me! After taking the obvious photo opportunity, our fabulous waiter explained each section of the crab to us alongside the menu so we understood exactly what to order – though this didn’t help in terms of narrowing down my choices, I could have ordered the entire menu!

Starters Fancy Crab

Selection of our Starters

Crispy King Crab Bites- Fancy Crab

Crispy King Crab Bites £6.50

For starters we decided to go for a mix of a few things and share – this is always the best option for me so I can try a bit of everything. We went for crispy king crab bites, crispy crab fish balls ‘Arancini style,’ sea bass sashimi with soy, mirin & truffle oil, and crispy king crab claw with potato fries.

Crispy Crab Fish Balls Arancini style - Fancy Crab

Crispy Crab Fish Balls Arancini style £7.50

Seabass Sashimi with Soy, Mirin & Truffle Oil Fancy Crab

Seabass Sashimi with Soy, Mirin & Truffle Oil £8.50

Crispy King Crab Claw with Potato Fries

Crispy King Crab Claw with Potato Fries £11.50

The crab bites were the perfect start to the meal – little prawn cracker-type bites topped with creamy fresh crab. These were recommended by the waiter and we could see why. The fish balls was the best starter dish in my opinion. Crispy on the outside, creamy and soft in the middle – the perfect combo. The only fault I had for these was that I just wanted more! I was excited for the sea bass sashimi as this is something that doesn’t appear regularly on many menus. It was beautifully dressed in mirin and truffle oil which can sometimes be slightly overpowering, however this dish had the perfect balance of flavours. The final starter was the delicious deep-fried crispy claw. The batter was cooked beautifully with the soft crab however this was a little hard to share between 2 people as it was a little effort getting the crab out the claw – I would have liked to have picked this up with my hands and had it all to myself.

Moving onto the mains, this was a little easier to pick because I knew exactly what to go for after our waiter’s explanation. If there was more than 2 of us, of course we would have gone for the whole crab but being sensible we decided on the whole crab leg and shoulder with a side of fries, salad and corn on the cobs with parmesan (because I can’t resist anything that comes with a topping of cheese.) We were sharing the crab so decided to get another main just to make sure we were trying a little variety of how the crab can be cooked. The king crab fettuccine was chosen and we were very excited for it all to arrive.

Whole Leg and Shoulder King Crab - Fancy Crab

Whole Leg and Shoulder King Crab £36

Luckily it was as good as we had imagined. The crab, accompanied by 3 different sauces, was grilled, cooked in butter and was absolutely delicious. I could really tell the difference between the leg and the shoulder as we were told we would be able to. The crab was meaty, juicy and ridiculously moreish. Every bite was more tasty than the last and I was wishing we had ordered 2 of these!

King Crab Fettuccine - Fancy Crab

King Crab Fettuccine £16.50

We did however not need more because we also had the king crab fettuccine dish to feast on. This main dish was beautifully cooked in a cream and garlic sauce topped with a very generous amount of crab chunks. The dish was extremely filling with very rich flavours and great value for money considering how much you got in it.

Chocolate Fondant with house made salted caramel ice cream - Fancy Crab

Chocolate Fondant with house made salted caramel ice cream £6

By the time we were presented with the dessert menu the buttons on our shirts were already ready to burst. We were so full but did of course manage to find a little room to share a dessert. We went for the chocolate fondant with house-made salted caramel ice cream. The fondant was still liquid in the middle – always a plus and the cold ice cream was the perfect match to the steaming hot chocolate. This dish was the best way to end such an incredible meal. I can say I am definitely a fan of the king crab and I will be back as soon as possible!


Fancy Crab

92 Wigmore Street, London, W1U 3R

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