Pet Pamper Day: Egerton House Hotel

Knightsbridge certainly caters to the glamorous and the fabulous, and that doesn’t stop at the people. It is hard not to stumble across a 5′ 8′ immaculately dressed woman walking her equally fashionable pooch! Egerton House Hotel have opened their doors to these adorable pups and are putting on quite the spread.

Hotel Entrance - Egerton House Hotel

Hotel Entrance – Egerton House Hotel

As Lola (the gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) and I strolled over to Egerton House we were welcomed into a beautifully decorated hotel. As soon as we stepped inside Lola was showered with attention which I could tell she was enjoying. We were seated next to the fire in a cosy room, and Lola made herself at home in no time.



Don’t worry, the champagne wasn’t for Lola, I decided to treat myself too. As I flicked through the different menus on offer I thought she would enjoy the Doggy Afternoon Tea, especially as she would receive a special chew toy to take home.

Doggy Afternoon Tea

Doggy Afternoon Tea – £15


Egerton House Hotel has mastered the balance between being pet friendly, but also creating a relaxing atmosphere for people to enjoy an afternoon tea experience themselves.  As I sipped on my champagne, Lola had a snooze by the fire but shortly awoke to the noise and smell of her Doggy Afternoon Tea being served.

Lola's Doggy Afternoon Tea

Lola’s Doggy Afternoon Tea


Chicken and beef meatloaf

Bowl-licking chicken and beef meatloaf

Lola’s first course was her show stopper! She’s not a handbag dog, however, still quite small so I had to limit the amount she could eat in one sitting, otherwise she would have ‘woofed’ the whole lot down. I’m sure most would agree that dog food isn’t the most pleasant smelling, but this looked and smelled very healthy.


Homemade doggy biscuits

Homemade doggy biscuits

The fun-shaped dog biscuits were Lola’s second dish which she certainly enjoyed tucking into.  Egerton House’s afternoon tea offers very generous portions, perhaps even too big for little Lola. I hid the rest of the biscuits for later in the day.


Doggylicious Ice-cream

Doggylicious Ice-cream

For Lola’s third and final dish, her palate-cleansing treat was a tub of Billy + Margot ice cream. This was Lola’s first experience of ice cream and at first, she was a little unsure of the delicacy. After a couple of minutes of eyeing it up, she took the plunge and indulged herself.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

I hadn’t been forgotten either, so whilst I sipped on my champagne I enjoyed my own afternoon tea. I had an array of finger sandwiches, savoury and sweet scones and some beautiful tasty treats.  What a perfect way to spend the afternoon in London doing something slightly different.


Hotel Entrance - Egerton House Hotel

Lola and her doggy bags – Egerton House Hotel

With a very full belly, and a couple of doggy bags, it was time to say our good byes and head for a much-needed walk. The whole afternoon was very relaxing and a fantastic experience – brings a whole new meaning to dog’s dinner.

Egerton House Hotel

17-19 Egerton Terrace, Knightsbridge, London, SW3 2BX

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