Review: Limited Edition NFL-themed Menu at Ed’s Easy Diner

Ed's Easy Diner - Wandsworth

Ed’s Easy Diner – Wandsworth

I’m a serious burger fan. This also means I have to be a serious gym fan as well, but it’s worth it. I would love to try every burger in London, so when the chance arose to try a limited edition burger at Ed’s Easy Diner I jumped at it. I’d heard great things about Ed’s, and upon hearing that they had created a limited edition menu to celebrate their adoption of NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars as their home team, I knew I just had to try it out.

Eds Easy Diner NFL Burger Menu

Eds Easy Diner – NFL Burger Menu

There are a few Ed’s Easy Diners around town, but being a southern belle I opted to head to the Wandsworth branch. On a wet and dreary Monday in October I pootled on over to the shopping centre in Wandsworth and, managing to avoid the lure of the shops (hello Topshop autumn collection!), made my way to Ed’s Easy Diner – a bright light amongst the other restaurants it was nestled between.

Ed's Easy Diner - Wandsworth

Walking into Ed’s is like stumbling upon the set of a retro American diner from an upbeat romantic comedy film (probably starring Reese Witherspoon) – bright lights, red leather booths and even jukeboxes with Elvis Presley playing. It’s impossible to feel glum in this setting, despite the dreary onslaught of English weather outside. My friend and I parked ourselves in a booth to one side, which had its own jukebox, and pored over the specially made limited edition menus.

Eds Easy Diner Coke Float

Coke Float (£3.55)

Eds Easy Diner Coke Float
Eds Easy Diner Milkshake

Dark Rum and Chocolate Baileys Milkshake (£5.65)

To start with we ordered some very fitting drinks – a coke float and a rum and chocolate milkshake (mine was the boozy one, obviously). Once the small sugar high had kicked in we got cocky and started big timing it with our burger orders. My dining partner ordered Blake’s #5 QB burger which contained a double patty, double American cheese, barbecue pulled pork, barbecue sauce and dill pickle all encased in a pretzel bun – yes that’s right, a pretzel bun! I went even bigger and went for the Jaxson’s Jump burger – TRIPLE PATTY, TRIPLE CHEESE, TRIPLE BACON, with lettuce, dill pickle, tomato and barbecue sauce. I could sense my  gym membership whispering ‘no’ as I ordered it, but I couldn’t not try this beast! Despite the waitress actually looking genuinely concerned when I ordered this we didn’t stop there. Chicken wings as a starter, and onion rings and Ed’s famous cheesy fries on the side. If you’re going to do something – do it properly.

Eds Easy Diner Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings, served with Blue Cheese and BBQ dips (£5.15)

The chicken wings arrived with barbecue sauce and blue cheese on the side. Chicken wings and blue cheese dip are one of my absolute favourite things and these did not disappoint. The not-too-over-powering cheese complemented the slight sweetness of the chicken wings. I could have eaten more but knew I needed room for my triple beast of a main.

Eds Easy Diner Burgers
Eds Easy Diner Jaxsons Jump Burger

Jaxson’s Jump (£12.75)

Eds Easy Diner Blakes QB Burger

Blake’s #5 QB Burger (£9.75)

The mains and sides all arrived at once and we were suitably impressed / terrified by the size of the burgers. Mine was GINORMOUS and incredibly Instagrammable (win) – I stared at it for a good 5 minutes trying to figure out how to tackle it followed by a poor attempt at fitting it in my mouth which resulted in many laughs. In the end I gave in and took to it with a knife and fork. It was delicious, but I had expected nothing less – no bad can come of something involving triple bacon can it?

My friend’s burger was also delicious, and we were fascinated by the pretzel bun. Sturdier than your average burger bun, this was a pleasing new burger experience for us. Pulled pork in a burger is very 2015, and these guys did the trend well. Barbecuey goodness seeped out with every bite.

Eds Easy Diner Fries

Ed’s Famous Cheesy Fries (£4.10)

Eds Easy Diner Onion Rings

Onion Rings (£3.60)

The onion rings which accompanied our mountainous burgers were crisp and flavourful, and not overly greasy as many can be. These got the seal of approval in my book. We could tell why the cheesy fries were famous – oozey American cheese coated each chip, and left us wanting more after each bite.

Eds Easy Diner Sundae

Double Berry Sundae (£4.95)

Unbelievably, after all this, we still wanted a dessert… Pretty sure at this point our waitress had a taxi on standby ready for when we slipped into inevitable food comas. We decided to be a giant cliché and order a sundae with 2 spoons. We opted for one with berries and strawberry sauce, because this made it one of our 5 a day which subsequently effectively made it healthy….right? This too was delicious, and even though we were both incredibly full we devoured every sweet mouthful.

After dinner we waddled out back into the dreary weather, and felt a little bit sad that we’d had to leave the warm, welcoming diner. Luckily for our credit cards the shops were shut at this point… although Ed’s Easy Diner is so purse-friendly you leave feeling you’ve earned the right to do some shopping. So we agreed to go back again soon for round two when the shops are open…

Ed’s Easy Diner – Wandsworth

Southside Shopping Centre, Wandsworth, London, SW18 4TF

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