Review: an impressive bottomless brunch at Eastway

The bottomless brunch craze is still taking London by storm and by no surprise it’s one of the most popular things to do on a Saturday in the capital. I’d like to think I have been to a fair few and whilst the novelty of unlimited bubbles never wears off it seems some places are lacking in quality when it comes to the food.

I had heard that Eastway had introduced a sharing-style brunch with a dessert buffet station. I adore the Hotel and its other 2 eateries so I simply had to try it out.

On entering, my friend and I were warmly greeted by the host and sat by the sun-drenched window. It didn’t take our lovely server long to realise we were going for the bottomless option and speedily whisked over 2 flutes of mimosa. The restaurant has a lovely laid-back atmosphere, whilst still feeling elegant.

Fresh fruit

Bread and pastry station

We got overly excited when we arrived at the help yourself pastry, bread and fruit table. I carefully selected some seeded toast, a mini croissant and some fresh strawberries along with jam, marmalade and butter. I always have to remind myself as beautiful as everything looks there are 3 courses to come so I must restrain myself.

Eastway have taken away the hard part when having to choose from a delicious selection of starters by supplying the table with a plate of each. Delightful.

Another mimosa later and the most gorgeous spread of food arrived. Our forks dotted from one plate to another, to the next. We really were spoilt for choice and I enjoyed them all.

Sweetcorn fritters

A highlight were the sweetcorn fritters with avocado, coriander, a fresh runny boiled egg and crumbled feta. The combination was a burst of flavours – I definitely had more than my fair share.

Gin & Tonic Cured Salmon, Avocado & Dill

The cured salmon infused with gin had a great smoky yet sharp taste. The balls of arancini spicy sausage, mozzarella and basil pesto were also a hit.

Next up, perfect ripe pieces of avocado were mixed with quinoa, hummus, pomegranate and coriander. This was one of my favourite dishes as it was so light yet tasty.

Crayfish & Rocket Linguine

We shared our main courses as again I couldn’t decide. We dived into a huge bowl of fresh juicy king prawns on a bed of tangy linguine mixed with garlic, red onion & parsley. It was garnished with crayfish and chilli to give it a nice kick. A lovely non-greasy pasta dish which was so moreish we polished it all off in minutes.

Coconut waffles

As we both have a mega sweet tooth we ordered the coconut waffles as a main. There are no rules at brunch. Fluffy, light and topped with sweet pomegranate pips. A delicious delicate plate which left us feeling content, not needing anything more. Or so we thought.

Dessert station

We were then encouraged to explore the desserts station. It would be rude not to since the chefs clearly went to so much effort in preparing each pudding.  It was a true feast for the eyes, every kind of cake, mousse, pastry, tart and jelly your tummy could want. The detail was incredible. They had even created a special Bookatable plate for my visit. Something they would do for birthdays or anniversaries I’m sure.

We had a fabulous afternoon at Eastway. Despite almost every table being taken we felt looked after and that nothing was too much trouble. The attention to detail, faultless team and standard of the food was impeccable and I would recommend it to all brunch fans.



40 Liverpool Street, London, EC2M 7QN

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