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You may not have heard about DSTRKT. Situated just off the tourist hub of Leicester Square amongst recognisable fried chicken, pizza and steak joints, it’s not the first place you would expect to find innovative cuisine.

A £25 million development boasting the world’s only VIP bar made from precious stone, DSTRKT has the biggest bottles of ‘Cristal’ known to man and a thumping sound system that will have one ‘getting down’. But it also hosts a restaurant away from the booty shaking beats that is frankly remarkable.

DSTRKT London restaurant

On entering the spacious dining room, your eyes are drawn to the mesmerising light fixture that resembles a cluster of jellyfish hovering within the depths of the sea. The glowing, gently pulsing lights shimmer in front of the open kitchen where chef George Yaneff (formerly at the Bazaar Restaurant by José Andrés in Beverly Hills) is at the helm.

DSTRKT London restaurant interior

We dined on the tasting menu which offers excellent value. What came was a succession of dishes, the number of which I cannot recall, all delivered to the table in a style designed for sharing together. 

To kick things off, sous-chef Alex appeared at our table with a handful of raspberries and liquid nitrogen, and then submerged the fruit into the minus 210 degree bath. The intense flavour and ensuing cold smoke you exhale is the stuff that makes you giddy with joy. Rock oysters with lemon air were a delicious taste of the sea with the right amount of citrus flavour.

DSTRKT London food

Foie gras lollipops coated in popping candy sound like madness; they were so moreish that I could easily eat a dozen of them. Venison Tartar with olive, paprika and truffle oil hits the mark both in flavour and presentation. More extraordinary creations followed; the scallops with saffron and pumpkin sauce were also perfectly executed.

DSTRKT London hake

Hake with a vanilla cream sounds unusual but was actually very subtle and worked incredibly well. Next up, seared wild seabass with confit fennel(!) was an brilliantly original take on a classic combination.

DSTRKT London cauliflower

Smoked cauliflower is marvel, served in a jar with the white mist still rising out whilst the air around the table was like that of BBQ – never a bad thing. Grilled flatbread with macadamia pesto, topped with glistening tomatoes, goat’s cheese and baby rocket is the kind of thing I want to eat for lunch every day.

DSTRKT London flatbread

We decided to skip dessert and finish the meal with a selection of British cheeses and a good bottle of red. If reading this relentless list of dishes puts your head in a spin, it’s because dining here will do that (in a good way). DSTRKT’s restaurant is so excellent, it is a huge surprise that most have not heard of it. My suggestion is to go now and experience it before everyone else cottons on!


9 Rupert Street, London, W1D 6DG

Twitter: @dstrktlondon


Opening Hours:


Tue – Sat: 5pm – 11pm


Mon – Sat: 5pm – 3am

Current Deals:

Star Deal – 5 Course Tasting Menu + Cocktail @ £35 (View Tasting Menu)

Pre and Post Theatre Offer – 4 Courses + Champagne Cocktail @ £20 pp (View Theatre Menu)

Lunch Set Menu – 3 Courses @ £15 or 4 Courses @ £20 (View Lunch Menu)

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Claire Taylor

Looks amazing. But who owns Dstrkt? The innovative use of lettering reminds me of the web domains the likes of East Rooms, Milk and Honey, Giant Robot and Alike use (The Rushmore Group).

Dianne M-R

Dear Patrick
We dined there about 10 days ago and were thrilled. A terrific find (thanks to BookaTable) We had their £35 a head taster but decided to add the "go with wines" and were pleased we did. Each had been carefully chosen to compliment each course and the French Vodka with the Maldon oyster was simply inspired. OK they were not Chateau Petrus or Montrachat but hey they were quite good. Only black mark the good service got a little overwhelming when two courses arrived at once and as the second was scallops we had to leave the previous course so as not to spoil the joy of the scallops. They did ease up a bit after that and all was fine.
Could have done with a choice of desert. ONE was just brought to the table. Would have liked to try the sorbets and icecreams for instance but the dessert wine went very well with the chocolate confection. Would like to return and try the FULL taster as it sounds even more exciting.
Best wishes
it is the second bookatable we have tried. The first was Cafe des Amis in Covent garden. It was equally excellent even though we only went for lunch. Again would like to try again but this time in the evening.


Hello Claire & Dianne,

To answer your question first Claire; you were very close as Dstrkt is in part owned by a group responsible for some very cool high profile private members clubs.
It’s a partnership between ‘Brompton brands’ (Mahiki & the Brompton club) and the founders of Buddah bar.

Thank you Dianne for the amazing feedback, it’s always such a pleasure to hear of wonderful times at restaurants.
I hope you continue to sample our offers and we hope to continue provide memorable dining experiences.

Best regards,


This club sucks. Even though I was on a guest list, I was still put in to general queue and was made to wait there for 25 min till it was “after 23:00” and was asked to pay £20 “after 23:00” fee by some block named Greg or something claiming to be a General Manager (?). And this all because blond bimbo minding the door moves as if she is stoned.


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