Christmas Dinners Around The World

With Christmas day fast approaching, many of us eagerly look forward to catching up with relatives, tearing the shiny wrapping paper off our new presents and spending some down time curled up on the sofa enjoying festive flicks and Christmas TV specials. But there’s no denying that the main event of the day centres on food, and lots of it! It can only be the almighty Christmas dinner, the feast of all feasts that we only tuck into once a year.

The UK’s traditional Christmas dinner is a nationwide favourite, featuring a huge centre piece roast turkey complete with all the trimmings of golden roast potatoes, thick bread sauce, crispy pigs in blankets, zesty cranberry sauce, and starchy stuffing with a mandatory heap of steamed vegetables.

But do you ever wonder how other countries and cultures celebrate Christmas dinner around the world? Dining habits and dish choices undoubtedly vary across the globe, and there is no exception when it comes to Christmas day. In fact, many countries even dine on their main festive feast on Christmas Eve for example, rather than the 25th December. That’s why we decided to put together this festive infographic on ‘Christmas dinners around the world’, highlighting the best from the 7 continents of the globe. From the excitingly exotic to the downright delicious, we’ve got it covered!

Christmas Dinners Around The World

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