Review: winner winner, Chicken Society dinner

While everyone knows central London is the hub for funky restaurants and new spots, it is also a pleasure when you find a local gem on your doorstep in the suburbs. Especially when they serve chicken on chicken with a side of chicken!

Chicken Society

Chicken Society

Chicken Society, based in Finchley is a cool, trendy spot with a menu based around everyone’s favourite bird. From boneless buttermilk fried chicken to spit-roasted rotisserie-style whole chicken this restaurant has created a menu that would get any poultry lover eager to tuck in.

Chicken Society Open Kitchen

Chicken Society Open Kitchen

After being greeted by our lovely waitress we were sat down at our table in front of the kitchen. I personally love open kitchens as I love watching the chefs in action. This table was especially fun because I had a perfect view of the chickens turning and twisting around the spit roast. For starters, we never hold back which makes it easier when I cant chose between them.

Buttermilk Boneless Chicken with Korean Sauce and Yogurt Dip - Chicken Society

Buttermilk Boneless Chicken with Korean Sauce and Yogurt Dip – £5

Bread Sticks with Avocado Dip and Olive - Chicken Society

Bread Sticks with Avocado Dip £3 and Olives £2

We went for the boneless buttermilk chicken, one portion with Korean-style BBQ sauce and the other with a sweet and smoky BBQ sauce. I personally thought the Korean-style ones were incredible as they were accompanied by a yoghurt dip which was the perfect combination of hot and cool. I definitely would have ordered more but I knew how much chicken was to follow so made sure I held back. We also went for the twisted seeded breadsticks with a smashed avocado and chilli dip. Avocado is my all-time favourite food so no matter what it is, if it’s on the menu it’s always being ordered. The sticks were light and fluffy and were a great start to the meal, especially with the green goodness of the avo dip. To finish off the starters we also made sure we ordered a side of delicious, meaty Nocellara olives.

Whole Spit Roast Chicken - Chicken Society

Whole Spit Roast Chicken – £17

For mains, we had the choice between 3 different types of chicken or a burger – there was also a vegan burger for the non meat lovers! After much deliberation we decided on a whole spit-roasted chicken with a side of sweet and smoky sauce and Korean sauce (like the buttermilk chicken from our starters). The chicken was incredibly well cooked and described as smoky and piquant, marinated with paprika, lemon, oregano and garlic. It was tasty and tender and was matched really well with the 2 sauces we had with it. It is also served with a grilled lemon which was an excellent touch to the dish especially because I always add lemon to everything. Although ordered whole, the chicken was served already cut up into portions which made life much easier – I don’t think I would particularly enjoy sitting at my table trying to wrestle my way through cutting up a whole chicken. Between 2 it was very hard to get through even though my guest and I are very big eaters, it was a big challenge. This may have had something to do with the amount of sides we had ordered though…

Broccoli with Miso and Sesame - Chicken Society

Broccoli with Miso and Sesame – £3.75

Forget starters, forget desserts – SIDES is the most important part of the meal for me no matter where I dine. Chicken Society’s lists of sides is absolutely amazing and it was a really tough decision picking which ones we were going to order. We first chose chips because surely it’s criminal to have chicken without chips right? These were not just any old chips though. The Chicken Society have got it spot on and have given their diners the option of chips topped with Parmesan, sage and truffle oil. I don’t think it can get much better than that when it comes to fries. They tasted as amazing as they sounded and had the perfect balance of truffle to cheese. To add a little bit of green to the main we went for the broccoli with miso and sesame. This side dish was so delicious that I have since recreated this at home. The sweetness of the miso mixed with the crunchy sesame is the best way to jazz up an every day boring vegetable.

Smoked Cheddar Mac and Cheese - Chicken Society

Smoked Cheddar Mac and Cheese – £3.75

Finally, we of course could not bypass the mac and cheese staring at us from the menu and everyone else’s table around us. This mac and cheese was served with smoked Cheddar and was as cheesy as they come. Crispy on the top, gooey underneath, it met all expectation of how a good mac and cheese dish should be.

Chicken Society Main Course

Chicken Society Main Course

After all these dishes we were absolutely full to the brim and chickened out of ordering dessert, but overall I was very satisfied with everything we had ordered and devoured throughout the meal. Chicken Society is a great little spot ruling the roost of restaurants on Finchley Central High Street for sure. If you love chicken, appreciate value for money and don’t fancy dragging yourself in to central London then make the trip to Chicken Society, you will not regret it! Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Chicken Society

363 Regents Park Road, London, N3 1DH

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