Chicken Society – The Only Society to Belong to!

Living in North West London my whole life, I am always very excited to hear a new concept is on its way to a high street near me. When that new concept involves a collaboration of rotisserie chicken, duck and mouth watering sides, it excites me even more!

Chicken Society

Chicken Society

Being a huge fan of other chicken restaurants and a certain famous grilled chicken chain, it is always great to see another one open up in a local north London area. The chicken craze is something I am still definitely caught up in and I just can’t seem to get enough. Many of my friends had tried the new Chicken Society and I had only heard great things so I walked in feeling hungry and eager to start digging in to my meal. The staff were extremely welcoming and the setting was right up my street. We were placed on a booth surrounded by exposed brick walls, neon light signs and immediately felt relaxed.

Family Bird Bundle - Chicken Society

Family Bird Bundle £35

My guest and I were to review their new special Family Bird Bundle, £35 for 4 people – Pulled Chicken Nachos, a Whole Spit roasted Chicken and Four Sides. As there were only 2 of us this was going to be a challenge but a challenge we were more than happy to attempt.

Pulled Chicken Nachos - Chicken Society

Pulled Chicken Nachos £6

The chicken nachos were up first for us to share. These were topped with all the best goodies; guacamole, yoghurt, melted cheese, pulled chicken and finished off with a good handful of fiery chillies. This dish started off the meal in the best way and it was refreshing to try something new – I’ve personally never had nachos with chicken but it worked perfectly. The nachos were delicious and geared our stomachs up for the next BIG course.

Whole Spit Roast Chicken- Chicken Society

Whole Spit Roast Chicken £17

Chicken Society - Chicken Spit Roast Station

Chicken Society – Chicken Spit Roast Station


Once we had polished off the amazing melted chicken nachos it was time for the whole spit roasted chicken with the 4 sides of our choice. Chicken Society are known to use British red tractor certified chickens and ducks which are marinaded for 24 hours in a special recipe and then spit roasted in a row until cooked perfectly. For me there is nothing more pleasing than watching my food being made in front of me. We were seated so we could watch the chickens turning around on the spit roast and watch then turn into golden bird of deliciousness.

The chicken was one of the tastiest I have ever eaten – and I’ve eaten a lot of chicken in my years! We were given a smoky barbecue sauce on the side too which was a better version of ketchup which is always obligatory for me. The chicken was lean and flavoursome, and in my opinion faultless. There is nothing worse than dry chicken on your plate and I can confidently say this was the opposite.

Choosing 4 sides out of 10 options was a huge test of the night. We finally, after much deliberation made a choice and, as sides are usually my favourite part of the meal, I was extremely excited for these to appear on my table. We decided on Spiralised fried courgetti with lime & yoghurt, broccoli with miso & sesame, mac & cheese with smoked Cheddar and some Parmesan, sage & truffle oil fries. All this, just for sides!

Sprialised Fried Courgetti with Lime and Yogurt - Chicken Society

Sprialised Fried Courgetti with Lime and Yoghurt £4

Broccoli with Miso and Sesame - Chicken Society

Broccoli with Miso and Sesame £4.50

The courgetti was lightly fried in a yogurt sauce that had a very slight kick to it. I loved the texture and flavour but with the other 3 sides staring at me I knew I had to make sure I had room for them all. The miso broccoli I think was the sides winner for me. The broccoli still had a little brunch too it and the miso and sesame dressing poured on top was life changing. So much so I Googled a recipe when I got home and stocked up the ingredients to make it for the next time I host a dinner party. Broccoli is always my first choice of veg and anything with a miso paste makes it even better – the perfect side to any meal in my opinion.

Mac & Cheese with Smokey Cheddar - Chicken Society

Mac & Cheese with Smokey Cheddar £4.50

When it comes to mac & cheese some may say I am a pro. If it’s ever on the menu as a side or a main, it’s going on my table. I am still unsure if my love for this dish is an addiction or obsession but for the time being I will call it an appreciation. There are 2 key elements to making a mac & cheese worth talking about. 1. As cheesy and creamy as possible and 2. the crispy, golden top crust. I am pleased to say these 2 factors were met at a very high standard and unfortunately for my guest, I went ahead and consumed the entire side too myself. It was definitely up there with one of the best I’ve had and that smoked Cheddar gave it the extra cheesy taste that is always necessary in a mac & cheese.

Crinkled Fried with Parmesan, Sage and Truffle Oil - Chicken Shop

Crinkled Fries with Parmesan, Sage and Truffle Oil £4.50

Finally, as if we hadn’t had enough cheese, were the crinkled fries topped with Parmesan, sage and truffle oil. As a self-proclaimed carbaholic, there was no way chicken was being ordered without chips. These fries were absolutely incredible, especially the truffle flavour. Sometimes I know truffle can be slightly overpowering on some dishes, but this was the perfect amount with a good helping of grated fresh Parmesan to top it off nicely. If my guest hadn’t been fast enough I’m certain I would have finished this dish to myself too.

Family Bird Bundle - Chicken Society

Family Bird Bundle – Whole Chicken and 4 sides

This Family Bird Bundle for 4 was obviously too much for just 2 tummies and although we put in a good fight, the bird beat us! We were bursting at the seams and had no room left for dessert but I didn’t mind because we left extremely satisfied with our whole evening.

Chicken Society Restaurant

Chicken Society Restaurant

Whether you are looking for a relaxed midweek dinner with friends or family, a fun weekend meal with a big group or a more intimate dinner with a cool, chilled vibe then Chicken Society is the place to be. Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner.

Chicken Society

363 Regents Park Road
London, N3 1DH

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