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Review: Hotdesking at Greenport Kitchen


I’m always a fan of a new restaurant with a new idea to fill the restaurant at lunchtime. Hopping on the back of the recent hotdesking trend, Greenport Kitchen is offering unlimited WiFi, croissants and coffee for £5.50 per hour. I decided to go down and see how I would fair working away from my own desk for a few hours. Read more…

Review : Le Café du Marché

Pistachio Profiteroles - Le Cafe du Marche

Le Cafe du Marche
Smithfield is one of my favourite gastro hotspots in London. I just know that whenever I visit that there are a whole plethora of cuisines ripe and ready to tickle my taste buds. There is always so much going on there and I am making it my culinary mission to sample every restaurant around. Read more…