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Review: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Afternoon Tea at The Gore

I love an afternoon tea so when me and my friend Hannah had the chance to check out one of the hottest afternoon teas around in London, we knew we had to get booked in.
A short walk from either Gloucester Road or South Kensington, sits The Gore Hotel. With its already vibrant flair, The Gore Hotel has always had a very special connection with Rock & Roll. Read more…

Review: A taste of Turin at Savure

I’m a massive fan of Italian food, especially when it comes to freshly made pasta after having had my first taste of the good stuff in Turin 14 years ago. With so many good Italian restaurants across London, it is impossible to try them all, so after hearing good things about Savure from colleagues and reading about an artisan pasta lab that creates fresh homemade pasta daily, I was sold. Read more…

Dim Sum Diversity at Ping Pong Southbank

Chain is not a dirty word. In an era where we’re all looking for backstreet “authentic” tastes of foreign cuisines, it’s important to remember that these restaurants have their place – and many offer as genuine an experience as any hidden gem.
Ping Pong launched in London 12 years ago on Great Marlborough street and is known for its dim sum, Chinese tea and cocktails. Read more…

An Evening to Remember: Sen Nin

Sen Nin – Islington
I often find that sorting out a dinner date can be a culinary mine field. With the ever-evolving restaurant market, there needs to be something stand out for me to book – I need some kind of calling card as I want to enjoy my night in its entirety.
I knew then, that Sen Nin would be the choice for me. Read more…

Review: Le Garrick, C’est Chic!

Escargot, Calamari & Scallops - Le Garrick

Looking to get away from the hustle & bustle of Soho? A lovely restaurant minutes away from the gaping touristic maw that is Leicester square calls out. Its name? If you’ve read the title you can probably guess it’s Le Garrick. A French restaurant that has withstood the changing surroundings of the theatre district for over 30 years. Read more…

Review: The Finest New York Strip at Manhattan Grill

10oz New York Strip Steak

My quest for the perfect steak continues. Anywhere overlooking water, that promises gourmet steaks cooked to perfection with flawless service gets major brownie points from me. I also love a novelty. So when I got wind that Manhattan Grill near West India Quay has a wine tasting island, dedicated gin bar next door, and Scottish and USA prime steaks, I knew I was onto a winner. Read more…

An authentic Slice of The Big Apple at NY Fold

NY Fold

Pizza is as synonymous with New York as yellow cabs, Central Park or the Statue of Liberty. Images of huge, juicy slabs of pizza dough packed with every topping imaginable are etched in the memory of anyone lucky enough to have visited the city that never sleeps.
So, NY Fold gives itself big expectations to live up to by including the iconic city in its name. Read more…

Review: Not Your Average Afternoon Tea at Barbecoa

Afternoon tea has long been a popular pastime in Britain, but no longer does a few sarnies and a scone cut the mustard. Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa has just introduced their own twist on the classic afternoon tea so I was keen to try it out. My Instagram profile is testament to my love of afternoon tea, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get a few more snaps. Read more…

Review: Insect-Inspired Menu at Cigalon

Glazed Cod, Vermouth, White Asparagus & Wood Ants - Cigalon

Cigalon has been on my gastronomical hitlist for quite some time now. I have never heard anything but praise about this fine dining import from Provence, but for reasons unknown, I haven’t been able to make a visit.
I also feel that due to there being such an expansive range of diverse restaurants on offer in London, narrowing down the list can prove a little laborious. Read more…