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London Restaurant Festival at STK


With the grey bearing down on London, which is further proof that summer is well and truly behind us, my mood was mirroring the weather and I really wanted something to perk me up on a rather bleak Monday night.
I was in full on carnivore mode and I knew I wanted something decadent.  STK answered my call. The clue is in the name.
Upon walking in to the restaurant my dreary mood was banished. Read more…

Review: WOLF, Stoke Newington

Wolf Restaurant

Being a massive foodie who lives and breathes restaurants, it is no surprise that I have collated a list as long as the river Thames of new, old and recommended food spots in London. At the top of that list for a while now has been Stoke Newington’s neighbourhood restaurant, WOLF. Read more…

Review: The Phoenix Artist Club

Lamb rump - The Phoenix Artist Club

Tucked away underneath the Phoenix Theatre in the heart of London’s West End, you will find the famous Phoenix Artist Club. This charming restaurant and bar just so happens to be down the same side street as the opening sequence of Harry Potter, and is frequented by several famous faces from London’s theatre scene. Read more…

Review: La Belle Epoque at Sofitel London Heathrow

La Belle Epoque at Sofitel London Heathrow
When I eat at an airport, it’s usually for a quick meal before the long queue at security. But what if you knew that you could have an out of this world experience before you fly around the world? Step away from the buzz of Heathrow Airport and experience the craft of Asian and French fusion within the impressive La Belle Époque. Read more…

Review: Steak & wine at Hanger Steakhouse

Pichana asada - Hanger Steakhouse

Just before the rain came rushing down on a humid but cloudy London, we marched along Fulham Broadway ready for a meaty feast at the cool and casual Hanger Steakhouse.
Entrance to Hanger Steakhouse
Greeted at the door by the very friendly restaurant manager Jan, we were swiftly seated at our table by the window for an evening filled with good food and wine. Read more…

Review: La Ferme London

La Ferme‘s beginnings were several market stalls where they bought fine French produce to pack out pantries and fill London’s fridges. Many moons later, and they’ve progressed into a fully-fledged restaurant (and adjoining delicatessen), treating us now not only to top produce, but a top setting. Read more…

Review: Technicolour brunch in sketch Glade

sketch Glade
Heavenly rays beamed down in pools of light at the newly revamped sketch Glade. Yes, indeed; the sketch gods were poised to deliver us some ambrosial dishes from the eclectic new brunch menu. The ethereal Alice-in-Wonderland charm is still here in bucket loads, but with a new brunch menu to boot, and of course, being sketch, nothing is executed in a conventional fashion. Read more…