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Review: An Ecuadorian feast at El Inca Pleyebo

I’ve always been intrigued by South America – its beauty, its culture, but most importantly, its enticing cuisine.
Having watched a fair few Rick Stein food programmes, I learned that a big part of Ecuadorian culture is their food, passed down for generations. I’ve never had any South American food other than the odd Mexican so was intrigued and excited to try more. Read more…

Review: Balls Brothers Adams Court

Balls Brothers

The moment 5.30 on a Friday afternoon hits, I’m ready to get the weekend started. I’m constantly in search of new places which can tick all my boxes: great drinks, great music, great atmosphere and, above all, great food. Balls Brothers in the city seemed to look good on paper, so, laptops shut down, off we went to try it out. Read more…

Review: Beach Blanket Babylon

The world’s longest-running musical revue, Beach Blanket Babylon invites its audience to “follow Snow White as she takes a fast-paced journey around the world in search of her Prince Charming. Along the way she encounters a large group of figures from popular culture, who together perform satirical songs. Read more…

North Africa meets hidden Heddon Street gem: Momo

Restaurant- Momo

Regent Street, in the heart of the West End, is one of London’s busiest areas. Office workers side step selfie-taking tourists, who can so easily miss the hidden side street, where you’ll find Momo.
Taking up a corner of Heddon Street, Momo stands out from other restaurants with its unique decor and outdoor lounging area.
Immediately my senses were jumping. Read more…

Review: Roba Bar & Restaurant – Paddington

The Robata grill sirloin steak

Conveniently located less than a 10-minute walk from Paddington Station, Roba Bar and Restaurant prides itself on being a relaxed and stylish haven away from the hustle and bustle of central London’s streets.  Boasting an impressively diverse menu of British and European dishes, this is a restaurant that is sure to suit everyone’s tastes.
Our Friday night visit did not disappoint. Read more…

Review: The Pickled Hen

Contemporary yet rustic décor and ornate ornithology on display makes a lot of sense thematically at The Pickled Hen, a lovely restaurant situated in the Marriott Hotel Marble Arch. Upon entry you’re immediately drawn to the robust bar and high ceilings of the eatery. Read more…

First Stop – Searcys St Pancras

Vanilla burnt cream, gooseberry, Scottish shortbread. Searcys St Pancras

King’s Cross St Pancras Station, the central hub of travel in London surrounded by endless shops, The Eurostar and swarms of Harry Potter fans looking for Platform 9 and 3/4. Beyond this however, on the second floor you can also find the incredible Searcys Champagne Bar and Brasserie restaurant. Read more…

Bokan, Canary Wharf: So much more than a view

As the concept of a hidden gem becomes ever rarer, there’s a burst of excitement that comes when you find one that isn’t already taking up column inches in the capital. For, as I’ve written before, nothing is more wearisome than a trip out for dinner with the prospect of a 2-hour queue, a table for 60 minutes, for what often turns out to be an underwhelming plate, or plates, of food. Read more…

Supreme means Heinz: Beck at Brown’s

Dressed crab - Beck at Brown's

The dining room
Heinz Beck’s new restaurant, Beck at Brown’s, has been highly anticipated. Each person I spoke to before my visit had a different Beck story; one said that ‘dinner at Apsley’s was the best dining experience’ they had ever had, and another raved about his Portuguese venture: Gusto by Heinz Beck. I too had my own story. Read more…