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Critic & Blogger Review Roundup 20 November 2015

The Peat Inn

The critics and bloggers have been eating their way around the country again this week, with unctuous veal in Fife, sumptuous sole in Holborn, and picture-perfect pigeon in Glasgow.
The Peat InnImage source: The Guardian
Laying claim to Scotland’s first ever Michelin star, The Peat Inn in Fife emerges from its recent refurb ‘bespoke and trim and glossy’, according to Jay Rayner. Read more…

Holy Guacamole! Modern Mexican at Cantina Laredo

I tried to make guacamole last year. I was at my parents’ house, with my sister. We were attempting to put on a Mexican feast for our family, and homemade guacamole seemed like the touch of authenticity we needed to make the meal complete. After about twenty minutes of effort, we had some kind of green sludge that tasted a bit like someone had squeezed a lime into a bowl and told you to eat it. Read more…

Restaurant Review: Regal Food at No. 65 & King

No. 65 & King is on a mission to bring American glamour over to London. They serve up cocktails, they serve up lobster, and they do it with style. We headed over there recently to indulge ourselves in a night of luxury, and to see what kind of treats they could serve up to us.
The first thing that hit us inside was a warm, relaxed feeling as we walked in from the cold, wintery streets. Read more…