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London Restaurant Festival at STK


With the grey bearing down on London, which is further proof that summer is well and truly behind us, my mood was mirroring the weather and I really wanted something to perk me up on a rather bleak Monday night.
I was in full on carnivore mode and I knew I wanted something decadent.  STK answered my call. The clue is in the name.
Upon walking in to the restaurant my dreary mood was banished. Read more…

Aqua Shard brunch: A room with a view

‘Shall we do brunch?’ ‘We must get brunch.’ This culinary buzz-word has become almost as much of a ‘thing’ as dinner on London’s restaurant scene in years of late. Late weekend risers flock to the city’s restaurants for their fix of runny Burford Browns and avo, sourdough and flat whites, artisan full Englishes, and the rest. Read more…