Review: Technicolour brunch in sketch Glade

sketch Glade

Heavenly rays beamed down in pools of light at the newly revamped sketch Glade. Yes, indeed; the sketch gods were poised to deliver us some ambrosial dishes from the eclectic new brunch menu. The ethereal Alice-in-Wonderland charm is still here in bucket loads, but with a new brunch menu to boot, and of course, being sketch, nothing is executed in a conventional fashion.

sketch Glade interior

With knitted grass mound knolls underfoot, we bounced through the technicolour Glade in a joyful moon-walking fashion along their fairyland-style carpet, surrounded by découpage woodland mastery.

sketch smoothie and juice

Pink grapefruit and watermelon juice and a berrylicious smoothie emblazoned with candy stripes were refreshing openers to the brunch selection. On the cocktail selection, there’s the recommended choice of verano en cuba with lemon thyme sherbet. Alternatively, there are bubbly spritzes, and even a fruity babbity bumble with added honey droplets from the equally fun non-alcoholic list.

Crab and celeriac remoulade

A truly elegant start to the day, the zesty Devonshire crab with lemon jelly and celeriac remoulade brought a high-end feel to the brunch selection.

Scrambled egg and black truffle

Mounds of hot and fluffy scrambled egg with luxurious melanospurum black truffle graced our table, perfect for sharing amongst a group.

Madagascan prawns

Alongside, the plump Madagascan grilled prawns of gargantuan proportions certainly made for an exotic and eclectic brunch.

Black croque

Honouring the black-food trend sweeping Instagram, sketch have nailed it with the 9 Conduit Street black croque. Looking sketchy in charcoal hues from the velvety squid ink, the croque brought noir-glamour to the brunch table, with a decidedly unexpected mozzarella, basil and tomato interior.

Eggs, avocado and sketchup

Two ‘fried eggs’ arrived, but instead of the usual incarnation, these were two breaded poached delights made with ricotta, partnered with a generous fire-engine-red smear of sketchup and ripe green avocado.

Strawberry genoise

To leave sketch without a patisserie creation is to leave sketch without fulfilling the most essential dessert duty. Plump, fresh red strawberries patterned the genoise biscuit fraisier amongst almond paste and vanilla cream, with all the flavours of a summer orchard.

Chocolate caramel gateau

The chocolate and caramel gateau was possibly the most blissful thing we ate that day; a thing of sheer beauty. Crispy hazelnut feuillantine gave way with a crack to reveal a chocolate caramel mousse and cocoa dacquoise centre, layered with caramel marmalade. Somebody give these guys a ‘crème de la crème’ baking award.

sketch macarons

Some macaron beauties were laid out before us, crafted with flavours such as bergamot-tinged Earl Grey, salted caramel, lemon, manjari dark chocolate and rose & raspberry. Sandwiched with a decadent ganache, we couldn’t quite manage these irresistible treats after the brunch feast, so they were whisked away for us in a chic pink boutique bag.

sketch Glade interior

The trademark rainbow-hued macarons were fitting of the eclectic technicolour Pride celebrations spilling gloriously on to the streets outside, which made it only a little easier to prise ourselves away from the spirited setting of the Glade.  It’s wonderful to witness the incredibly chic transformation the Glade has encountered, emerging as a tranquil hub to while away a couple of hours over an eclectic brunch not to be forgotten.

sketch Glade brunch

9 Conduit Street, London, W1S 2XG

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