Review: Fabulous cocktails & lobster at Browns Brasserie

It was a typical British evening with a warm breeze and after a tiring day at work, the only thing that could possibly perk me up was the thought of having some delicious cocktails at Browns Brasserie on Old Jewry. Having checked out the menu earlier on that day, the brasserie suits all from pies and pasta to salads and steaks. And what could be better than an extensive cocktail menu which was reasonably priced given the location?

Browns Brasserie is a 5-minute walk from St. Paul’s station. Passing the impressive St. Paul’s Cathedral and through a trendy mall with shops galore, Browns Brasserie sits just off the historic Old Jewry. Sitting in the heart of the financial centre of London, the impressive building was once the  Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Inside Browns Brasserie

Inside Browns Brasserie you can see that the original features of the Bank have been untouched. With high ceilings, a beautiful wooden circular staircase in the middle of the restaurant leading to the VIP area, and mirrors from floor to ceiling, it made me feel like I was somewhere fancy but also made me feel comfortable. On this Thursday evening, it was buzzing like it was a Saturday. The lighting of the restaurant was dim so it created a relaxing atmosphere.

Mojitos night!

To start us off, we ordered 2 ice-cold mojitos as the ones from across the room looked very inviting. I was recommended their raspberry mojito which was absolutely delicious.  Infused with fresh raspberries, Bacardi Carta Blanca muddled with lime, and sugar topped with soda. My husband went for the classic mojito with fresh mint.

The cocktails were as fresh as can be whilst sweet, refreshing and not watered down like some mojitos I have had in the past. I ended having several throughout the evening as they were THAT good.

To accompany my husband’s starter, the waiter kindly brought out a Viognier. The wine was full-bodied with a lush, soft character to it.

Baked scallops

For my starter, I ordered the baked scallops and boy was I not disappointed. The scallops were perfectly baked as it still had its creamy texture in the middle and a soft yet crisp outing. It sat on a delicious sauce that consisted of garlic and parsley butter and came accompanied with toasted dipping bread. We wolfed this starter down and were thankful for the bread to scoop out the last remains of the sauce.

Pulled shoulder of lamb croquettes

For starters, my husband instantly went for the pulled shoulder of lamb croquettes. The lamb was coated with crispy panko breadcrumbs and deep fried. It sat on a bed of pea and broad bean hummus and was topped with celery cress. The croquettes were soft and perfectly seasoned and the coating outside was crispy and moreish. The hummus was creamy and rich and worked really well with the lamb. This dish was a star and we couldn’t get enough of it.

Fish & chips

My husband went in for the fish & chips. The line-caught cod fillet had a deliciously crisp seasoned batter. The cod was flaky and soft inside and the batter snapped with every bite. The chips were as good as any chippy – thick cut, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Just how chips should be. The dish came accompanied with a pea & mint purée – which was creamy, minty and tasted very fresh. My husband was so happy with his choice that I could only get one bite as he cleared the whole lot.

Fresh lobster

I picked the perfect day to visit Browns Brasserie as it was Fresh Lobster Day! This special takes place every Thursday and the Brasserie serves native lobsters from the shores of the British Isles. I thought, why not treat myself? So I did. I went in for the whole grilled lobster with a garlic and herb butter sauce with chips. The lobster was extremely fresh, soft and sweet. One of the best lobster dishes I have ever had.  It came accompanied with french fries, but with this delicious beast in front of me, the fries sadly didn’t get a second look – it was all about the lobster.

A whole might have been a bit daring for just myself, but I promise that with lobster this fresh and sauce so delicious, it will be gone in no time. I was stuffed. Even the waiter was impressed that I managed to finish it all off.

Salted caramel profiteroles

To end the day on a high note (and maybe one more mojito – but who was counting at this point?), we decided to share a dessert and being the dessert queen, I was stuck for choice with some classic favourites on the menu. we went straight in for the salted caramel profiteroles, and were not not disappointed. The profiteroles were fresh and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside as it was coated with dark chocolate. Creamy salted caramel sat inside the profiteroles, which wasn’t too sweet – just perfect. This was a delight to eat.

I would recommend Browns Brasserie in a heartbeat if you are looking for classic dishes done well and with a twist. Each dish that came out tonight was faultless. If you are after a quick bite, wanting a place for a social catch-up with friends, have a business meeting or simply looking for delicious food that won’t blow your wallet away, this is the place to go!


Browns Brasserie & Bar – Old Jewry

8 Old Jewry, London, EC2R 8DN

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