Cleared for Takeoff: British Airways to Open Mock Plane Cabin Pop-Up Restaurant with Olympic Game Twists

British Airways Popup Restaurant

A pop-up restaurant opening in London rarely fails to generate a great deal of buzz. Diners look forward to bold concepts and eclectic cuisine being showcased, especially when the restaurant is opening in a trendy area like Shoreditch. The sky really is the limit for this particular opening, as British Airways are bringing a taste of 30,000 feet down to ground level, with a mock plane cabin being transformed into an Olympic Games taste test.

Keen on offering fliers the very finest flavours in the clouds during the upcoming Olympic Games in London, British Airways will be serving previews of its new gourmet menus that will go on to be offered on its commercial flights. These will be a far cry from the stodgy aeroplane food feared by many, as Michelin-starred chef Simon Hulstone will be at the controls of this pop-up venture, with some tweaks provided by acclaimed celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal.

Not only this, but the restaurant will also feature an art gallery, giving diners an exciting first glimpse of the dove-themed plane art that will be painted on a selection of jets in time for the Games. An intimate screening room will also be playing a selection of BA’s upcoming in-flight entertainment catalogue, making this much more than a simple novelty restaurant.

This fantastic array of Olympic-inspired airline treats is thanks to the winners of BA’s ‘Great Britons’ programme, which searched the country for the very best talent in British food, art and film. So, will this restaurant idea take off? British Airways have gone to great lengths to not only offer diners a true taste of what is to come for the London Olympic Games, but have done so in a fantastically original way, with flying colours. 

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Its such a shame that this has now sold out. They should have been bookable on Bookatable 🙁


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