Boris Johnson Pizza: Politics Just Got Tasty

With the London Mayoral election a mere 6 months away, what better way to poll the city’s voting intentions than with their mouths? 

To celebrate London Restaurant Festival, Pizza Express have launched two new pizzas adorned with uncanny resemblances of our two candidates.  

Would you prefer Boris, with his spicy beef, onions, peppers and a generous helping of cheese? Or perhaps Ken tickles your fancy, with lashings of Pomodoro Pesto, sweet tomatoes fresh basil and avocado. 

So who do you think looks more tasty? Who would you rather devour? Or who would you like to tuck into with a knife and fork (metaphorically speaking of course)?

Put your vote where your mouth is at Pizza Express during the London Restaurant Festival! Both pizzas cost £10 and are available for booking here until the 17th of October. The (perhaps prophetic?) winner will be revealed at this year’s London Restaurant Festival Awards. 


Boris Johnson Face Pizza Ken Livingstone Face Pizza

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