Feast on London: A Fiery Feast at Bonfire

In the midst of the month-long Feast on London extravaganza, this intrepid blogger was tasked with trying out the fare at Bonfire, a plethora of classic American staples situated on the first floor of the Barbican centre. With a well stocked bar, and a wonderful terrace overlooking the harsh beauty of the Barbican estate, I was looking forward to sampling the delights on offer.

Chciken Wings - Bonfire

Chicken Wings – £4.00/£9.00

To start we shared a portion of tortilla chips and chicken wings. The tortilla chips were nice, and the salsa had a lovely tang to it but these chicken wings were the stars of the show! First off, we were served a portion of 4 wings. While the majority of sauces on offer weren’t bad (The BBQ & Lemon and Herb sauces were fine, the Hot ‘n’ Spicy was a little too spicy for me), the Cajun mayo was a real stand-out.

Good Stuff Melt - Bonfire

Good Stuff Melt – £9.95

For mains I decided to stick to the Feast of London menu and get the good stuff melt – a nicely cooked cheeseburger with scrumptiously crispy French fries. My friend had rule over the a la carte menu, going for the Smokie – like a cheeseburger, but with smoked bacon. He also opted for the chunky chips from the menu, which were delightfully fluffy with a slight crisp. We argued for a quite a while as to what was the superior serving of these golden delights, and we came to the conclusion that you can’t go wrong with either.

S'more - Bonfire

S’more – £5.00

To finish the meal I continued with the Feast on London menu and had a knickerbocker glory, 3 flavours of ice-cream bookended by whipped cream and a sweet cherry sauce. My friend decided to try the S’more, and was rewarded for his curiosity with a rich dessert comprising a surprise biscuit base, creamy peanut butter and topped with a layer of chocolate sauce and toasted marshmallow.

Bramble Cocktail - Bonfire

Bramble Cocktail – £9.00

This was all washed down with a Bramble cocktail, a mixture of East London dry gin, ‘Tyrian Purple’ house-made creme de mure, lemon & bitters which to me, was the highlight of the menu – the cocktail was dominated with a sweet and refreshing raspberry tang that I think went, and will go well with the cool backdrop of the Barbican on a warm day.

We left content, concluding that the Feast on London menu offered at Bonfire serves up a delicious 2 courses with a delightful cocktail, and outside of April, an a la carte that does not disappoint. As the kids would say, Bonfire is lit.


Level 1, Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London, EC2Y 8DS

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