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BOBO Social sources its rare-breed beef from small farms across Britain, changing the breed weekly allowing regular visitors a new meaty experience. To bring out the best in their meat, the chefs use a charcoal oven with lump-wood coal and single species wood. BOBO Social aims to bring their guests the best!

So, with this in mind we scrambled off the busy streets of Soho on a very (very) hot London summer evening, leaving the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street and making a beeline for Charlotte Street.

With just a couple of tables at the front of the restaurant we were lucky enough to dine al fresco. Our waitress brought over the menus (not that I needed to peruse as I’d already done my research) accompanied by a glass of bubbles each.

BOBO Social

BOBO Social


From the 6 small plates to start, we decided to try the king prawn ceviche and the spicy crispy squid. I can only describe the king prawn ceviche as hot heaven, thanks to a dressing of fire water. There was a generous amount of prawns on the plate topped with fiery red chili, cooling cucumber and a sprinkling of spring and red onions. Perhaps a spoon should be given with this dish as, making sure no one was looking, my guest picked up the plate and drank the remaining fire water.

King Prawn Ceviche - BOBO Social

King Prawn Ceviche – £7


We were recommended the spicy crispy squid as it was our waitress’ favourite. It was exactly as described on the menu; spicy and crispy. Lying on a peppery bed of rocket were the lightly battered succulent pieces of squid, which were sprinkled with chilli and spring onion. The lemon aioli dip made a perfect accompaniment.

Spicy Crispy Squid - BOBO Social

Spicy Crispy Squid – £7.50


It was an easy decision for both of us when it came to the main event. After reading great reviews on the Debauchery I knew I had to give it a go myself. Who wouldn’t want to try a 6oz wagyu beef and rare-breed beef amalgamation? There was no way I was going to eat this in a lady-like fashion – I sank my teeth straight into this meaty, cheesy, truffle-y delight.

Each layer of filling complemented the next. Firstly, sitting on top of a freshly cooked buttermilk bun was the crisp butterhead lettuce and juicy tomato – sounds like the start of a normal burger…just wait! Next up, the wagyu and rare-breed. There is nothing worse than a tough, chewy burger which has been over cooked and tasteless – this you won’t find at BOBO Social.

My burger was cooked well done. I generally like my meat pink, however, this wasn’t a problem, as it was so tender and full of flavour, I savoured every mouthful. Placed just above the beef were the confit shiitake mushrooms, onions and tangy Ogleshield cheese. Now for the ‘wow factor’- shaved truffles! My mouth is watering all over again just thinking about these delicate little show stoppers.

Debauchery - BOBO Social

Debauchery – £20


My guest chose the lobster & crab burger which was like no other we’d tried before. Imagine a beautifully light fish cake inside a soft buttermilk bun, then insert crispy wasabi fried onions, lettuce, tomato and a punch-packing dill and caper cream.

Now my guest and I both like spicy food, so when looking at the wasabi fried onions we were excited, however, sometimes wasabi can overpower a dish. Thankfully, not in this case, they didn’t overshadow the lobster and crab at all. I would highly recommend this dish if you’re looking for something a little different from meat.

Lobster & Crab - BOBO Social

Lobster & Crab – £16.95


To accompany our burgers, we picked 2 side dishes. To increase my intake of truffles, we ordered the sweet potato chips with truffle salt. So subtle and not overpowering at all, the truffle salt gave the sweet potato that extra little je ne sais quoi.

Sweet Potato Chips With Truffle Salt - BOBO Social

Sweet Potato Chips With Truffle Salt – £3.50


We also chose apple slaw with toasted pumpkin seeds. Maybe it was the generous portion, or the fact that we’d enjoyed our starters and burgers, we only manged to touch the sides of this dish. The addition of the toasted pumpkin seeds was inspired. I felt it made the dish stand out from a normal slaw.


Apple Slaw With Toasted Pumpkin Seeds - BOBO Social

Apple Slaw With Toasted Pumpkin Seeds – £3.50


The Debauchery calls for a paired wine, so who am I to turn down the Malbec, which with its rich taste matched our meal perfectly.

Malbec Avanti, Bodegas Borbore, St Juan 2016 - BOBO Social

Malbec Avanti, Bodegas Borbore, St Juan 2016 – £25.95


Even though we were feeling replete we couldn’t help but scope out the desserts. Once again, we asked our waitress for her thoughts on which to choose. Even she struggled to pick one as, in her opinion, they are all equally tempting. To save us from food envy, our waitress had a great idea – try all 3…and that we did!

First, we delved into the home-made waffle with Nutella and banana. Waffles aren’t something I would usually pick from a line up of desserts, so I’m pleased I had the opportunity to try this one. A crisp outside gave way to a chewy core. The banana and drizzling of Nutella isn’t for the fainthearted!

Just from the delightful look of the dark and milk chocolate mousse with salted caramel, served in a glass jar, I knew my guest and I would be fighting over this dessert. The mousse was rich and dense with a perfectly silky finish – a chocolate lover’s delight.

Finally, we sank our spoons into the mountain of Eton mess – 3 simple ingredients that brought so much pleasure. Crumbly, soft sweet meringue lathered in fresh cream, complementing the strawberries was, in my opinion, a winner of a dessert after a generous meal.

Trio of Deserts - BOBO Social

Trio of Desserts – £5.50 – £6.50


BOBO Social is a great spot for date night, friendly catch ups and even large parties. The service was friendly and relaxed matching the restaurant’s cool Soho vibe.



BOBO Social

95 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 4PZ

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