Classic food with an Italian twist at Bistro Fifteen

Located in the elegant Pelham hotel, Bistro Fifteen boasts elegant cuisine with an Italian touch in the centre of south Kensington. We took a trip over to try out their menu recently, and are very excited to share our findings.

bistro-room   The restaurant is bright and stylish, with modern paintings and lovely bookshelves decorating the walls. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, with the waiters very knowledgeable of the dishes on offer, and happy to provide assistance on advising you about your choice.


Pan-fried scallops with creamy potatoes, green peas and crisp chorizo

We started with the pan-fried scallops with creamy potatoes, green peas and crisp chorizo. The scallops were warm and freshly seared, and worked well with the array of accompaniments. The potatoes were indeed creamy, adding a nice richness to the dish, while the peas and chorizo worked well to balance this out into something well rounded.


Blanched asparagus with crispy boiled egg and hollandaise sauce

We also sampled the blanched asparagus with crispy boiled egg and hollandaise sauce. I’m a huge fan of asparagus so was keen to tuck into this dish. The egg and sauce added some wonderful moisture and flavours to sit on top of the asparagus, leaving a wonderful taste.


Pan-fried yellow fin tuna with pistachio crust and cantaloupe brunoise

The pan-fried yellow fin tuna with pistachio crust and cantaloupe brunoise was arguably the highlight of the meal. Good tuna is a treat, but in this case, the tuna was incredibly fresh, and when combined with the pistachio and brunoise, it made a really special dish.



  The risotto was also a treat. Served with a hint of seasoning, and with fresh vegetables peppered throughout, the wonderfully thick rice soaked up the wonderful sauce leaving an expertly crafted dish.


Lemon cheesecake with raspberry sorbet

From the dessert menu, we selected the lemon cheesecake with raspberry sorbet. The cool sweet sorbet worked wonderfully with the sharpness of the cheesecake. A delightful dessert, with a lot of great tastes going for it.

mille feuille


The millefeuille; a delightful dish consisting of pastry and chocolate, with strawberries surrounding the centre, also made for a nice finale to the meal. The pastry and icing layered together to make a truly intense flavour. We finished off by selecting the white apricot and chocolate teas from the wonderfully expansive tea selection. The chocolate tea was not, as you may expect, some variation of hot chocolate, but had a wonderful aroma that didn’t convert into the refreshing taste: a real surprising treat. The white apricot tea, on the other hand, was sweet and relaxing; the perfect end to a meal. Bistro Fifteen is a restaurant that offers excellent food in relaxed, comfortable surroundings. The menu is varied, and the experience is delightful.

Bistro Fifteen

15 Cromwell Place, London, SW7 2LA


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