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A Quintessentially British Evening at Gillray’s Steakhouse

When I think about what us Brits are good at, a few things spring to mind (amongst others): Top quality beef, English heritage and a good old gin & tonic. Luckily for me, on my visit to Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar I was indulging in all 3.
A stone’s throw from the London Eye, sits County Hall, a beautiful building, built over 100 years ago, and home to Gillray’s Restaurant. Read more…

Fancy Fish in The City – Chamberlains Restaurant

Chamberlain's Restaurant

Nestled in one of the oldest markets in London is upmarket seafood restaurant Chamberlain’s. With over 60 years’ experience supplying the best quality seafood to London, we headed to over to taste for ourselves.
On arriving, my dining friend and I were met by the delightful manager, Xavier, and whisked to a second-floor table overlooking the floor below. Read more…

Teppanyaki with a Twist, at Sen Nin Islington

Sen Nin Islington

My knowledge of Japanese teppanyaki restaurants is limited, having previously never been to one I’d only heard rumours of what goes on.  From what I gathered, samurai masters cook up a feast in front of your eyes, whilst you stare and wait for them to toss a prawn or two your way (which normally ends up on someone’s forehead or the floor). Read more…

Review: Sports Bar & Grill Piccadilly

When I think of sports bars, I typically think of sticky carpets, warm beer and re-heated fried food, whilst standing in front of a big screen, after being dragged in by my other half. The Sports Bar and Grill in Piccadilly couldn’t be further from this stereotype.
A friend and I made the short walk from Piccadilly Circus one weekday lunch to sample the huge menu on offer. Read more…

A Late-night Affair at The Hippodrome

As Fridays go, I can safely say this particular one was spectacularly out of the norm. After a few drinks in Leicester Square, my partner and I headed to the bright lights of the Hippodrome Casino for a different kind of West End show.
The Hippodrome Casino
After checking in with the host we made a beeline for the gaming floor, eager to play our £10 complimentary chips on the tables. Read more…

A Guilt-free Afternoon Tea at The Intercontinental Hotel

As far as afternoon teas go, I’d like to say I’ve ticked off some of the leaders of the pack during my time in London. I do love a crust-less sandwich, perfect pastry and traditional scone, but I’m ready for something new and exciting. Cue, the guiltless afternoon tea – a wholesome indulgence, at the prestigious Intercontinental Hotel – Park Lane. Read more…