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London Restaurant Festival at STK


With the grey bearing down on London, which is further proof that summer is well and truly behind us, my mood was mirroring the weather and I really wanted something to perk me up on a rather bleak Monday night.
I was in full on carnivore mode and I knew I wanted something decadent.  STK answered my call. The clue is in the name.
Upon walking in to the restaurant my dreary mood was banished. Read more…

An Evening to Remember: Sen Nin

Sen Nin – Islington
I often find that sorting out a dinner date can be a culinary mine field. With the ever-evolving restaurant market, there needs to be something stand out for me to book – I need some kind of calling card as I want to enjoy my night in its entirety.
I knew then, that Sen Nin would be the choice for me. Read more…

Review: Insect-Inspired Menu at Cigalon

Glazed Cod, Vermouth, White Asparagus & Wood Ants - Cigalon

Cigalon has been on my gastronomical hitlist for quite some time now. I have never heard anything but praise about this fine dining import from Provence, but for reasons unknown, I haven’t been able to make a visit.
I also feel that due to there being such an expansive range of diverse restaurants on offer in London, narrowing down the list can prove a little laborious. Read more…

Review : Le Café du Marché

Pistachio Profiteroles - Le Cafe du Marche

Le Cafe du Marche
Smithfield is one of my favourite gastro hotspots in London. I just know that whenever I visit that there are a whole plethora of cuisines ripe and ready to tickle my taste buds. There is always so much going on there and I am making it my culinary mission to sample every restaurant around. Read more…

Review: Brunching at The Balcon

The Balcon

The Balcon
I think when it comes to dining out, there is nothing more decadent or enjoyable than an indulgent brunch. The idea of catching up with a good friend and perusing a menu where it is the norm, and thus appropriate, to start the day with champagne and poached eggs is too good a thing to miss. Read more…

Bird of Smithfield: Bird is the Word

Scottish Venison - The Bird of Smithfield

Scottish venison
Bird of Smithfield in Farringdon has a long-running reputation for serving some of the finest cuisine around. I have had many a friend visit the venue and crow on about the food and service they have received at this stunning venue.
It perplexes me however, that even though I have heard this praise, I have never actually been to the Bird of Smithfield. Read more…

Caco & Co : Portugal, Born & Bread

Nata Rice Pudding - Caco & Co

Caco & Co
As the nights are drawing in and the days are getting shorter I find myself constantly on the hunt for something that is going to warm me up and bring me some much-needed comfort. Food is obviously the first thing I turn to, and I have discovered that anything of a Mediterranean origin is sure to do the trick. Read more…

A Superb Evening at Suburb SW11

Pulled Pork Burger - Suburb SW11

Nothing makes me quite as excited as hearing that a new independent bar and restaurant has opened up in the area. I am always keen to see what treats are on offer and if I can perhaps find my new watering hole.
So upon hearing that Suburb SW11 has an extensive, signature cocktail menu and runs a happy hour from Monday to Saturday from 5pm-7. Read more…

Review: Pizza Perfection at Eco Clapham

Four Seasons - Eco

I have to be honest. It’s not often I come across a pizza I don’t like, but it is pretty rare that I come across one that I love. Ever the pizza detective, I make it my mission to find the best pizzas London has to offer. Upon hearing that Eco in Clapham serve all their pizzas on a sourdough base, my ears pricked up and my Oyster card came out. Read more…