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Dim Sum Diversity at Ping Pong Southbank

Chain is not a dirty word. In an era where we’re all looking for backstreet “authentic” tastes of foreign cuisines, it’s important to remember that these restaurants have their place – and many offer as genuine an experience as any hidden gem.
Ping Pong launched in London 12 years ago on Great Marlborough street and is known for its dim sum, Chinese tea and cocktails. Read more…

An authentic Slice of The Big Apple at NY Fold

NY Fold

Pizza is as synonymous with New York as yellow cabs, Central Park or the Statue of Liberty. Images of huge, juicy slabs of pizza dough packed with every topping imaginable are etched in the memory of anyone lucky enough to have visited the city that never sleeps.
So, NY Fold gives itself big expectations to live up to by including the iconic city in its name. Read more…