A delightful dinner with good Grace in W1

Nestled just off Shaftesbury Avenue, Grace bills itself as the ultimate destination for food, drinks or parties. At Bookatable, we are obviously far too hardworking for any kind of partying to take place, even in our own time, so when we paid the place a visit recently we settled down to a very serious eating session. 

Baked Boxed Camembert with Beef Tomato Rocket and Basil Besto

Baked boxed camembert with cranberry jam & crusty baguette (£5.50)

We started off with the baked boxed camembert with cranberry jam & crusty baguette. Surely this is a dish to rival any cheesy party? The warm gooey camembert lavished over the baguette with a healthy sweet dose of jam certainly feels like it: a winning dish. 

Salmon and Sweet Potato Fishcakes

Salmon and sweet potato fishcake (£5.25)

If you’re worried that the camembert was too indulgent for us, don’t fear, the salmon & sweet potato fishcakes balanced things out perfectly. Served with a drizzle of sauce, a hearty slice of lime, and surrounded by rocket, the highlights of this dish lay in the mature, smooth combination of flavours packed into the tiny cakes. It also looked stunning too. 

Braised Lamb Shank with Puy Lentil and Red Wine Jus

Braised lamb shank with puy lentil, spinach and red wine jus (£13.95)

In the spirit of enjoying a meal to avoid a party, we opted for a pair of very professional main courses. The braised lamb shank with puy lentil, spinach and red wine jus was epic. The meat fell straight off the bone and the sauce soaked deep into the dish, adding flavour to all around it. Served resting on some creamy mashed potato, the shank reigned supreme. 

 Rib Eye Steak with Fries and Green Peppercorn Sauce

Rib-Eye steak – 28 day dry aged with fries & green peppercorn sauce (£14.95)

The challenger for our affections was the 28-day dry-aged ribeye steak, served with fries and green peppercorn sauce. Cooked medium rare (the way we like it), the steak had charm in abundance from when our eyes met across the room, on our super-serious eating session. The chips were crispy, and the sauce was rich and very complementary to the dish. 

 Chocolate Brownie with Vanlilla Bean Ice Cream

Warm chocolate brownie with vanilla bean ice cream  (£5)

Time then, for a culinary nightcap to end the meal. The chocolate brownie with vanilla bean ice cream was excellent. The warm brownie worked wonders with the cool ice cream, with the healthy dosing of icing sugar adding some texture to duo. This dessert is an excellent addition to the Grace menu. 

 Vanilla Panacotta with Berry Compote

Vanilla Panacotta with berry compote  (£4.95)

We also sampled the vanilla panna cotta with berry compote. A clean, smooth panna cotta, with the sticky compote oozing over the sides and sticky berries on top made for a delicious finale. The sauce was sweet and moreish, and added a lovely edge to the vanilla panna cotta. 

Along with the dishes, and a few drinks, there was, at no time, any partying. We’re far too professional for that. Besides, after a meal like that, who needs to? The food was delicious, and we headed home to get back to our hard work with happy stomachs. 


42-44 Great Windmill Street, Soho, London, W1D 7NB



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