Review: All-American vegetarian favourites at 90 Degree Melt

Inside the quirky 90 Degree Melt restaurant

With the London food scene exploding with new restaurants catering to vegans and vegetarians, there wasn’t a more fitting time to visit 90 Degree Melt – a creative vegetarian American restaurant producing fresh tapas-style dishes catering for all tolerances.

Trendy neon lights

90 Degree Melt brings vegetarian and vegan twists to traditional American comfort food. 90 Degree Melt is known for creating veggie-friendly grilled cheese sandwiches which can be paired with different types of wine – I was looking forward to this!

Awesomely American – follow them on Instagram!

The decor has an American-style laid back feel. With wooden chairs and tables and American-themed objects displayed around the restaurant, it takes your attention away from the busy road outside. With American tunes blasting from the speakers, it is easy to feel at ease whilst looking at the cocktail menu.

Champagne Cocktails

To kick start our feast, we ordered 2 of the most popular champagne cocktails. I went for the pomegranate mimosa which consisted of pomegranate juice and fresh berries, topped with the sparkly stuff. A few pomegranate seeds added a nice and sweet bite to my sparkling beverage. My other half went for the American Mule which consisted of fresh flavours of ginger, lime and fresh mint. It was topped with sparkling champagne and was super fresh.

A selection of finger food for sharing

Our first set of dishes came and we were excited to try all the colourful dishes placed before us. In front of us laid the trendy buffalo ‘chicken wings’, blackenedd ‘chicken’ chunks and the all-American favourite – the deep-fried corn dog.

Cauliflower ‘Buffalo Chicken’ Wings

We tucked into the cauliflower ‘buffalo chicken wings’, but without the chicken. The cauliflower was coated in a lightly spiced batter, that was crispy and the cauliflower still held its meaty texture, drizzled in hot sauce and finely chopped spring onions. To help us cool down, it was served with a yoghurt sauce. Highly addictive!

Battered Corn Dogs

Next was the American funfair staple! This was delicious vegan sausages, corn-battered and deep fried. The vegan sausages were full of flavour and the crispy deep-fried coating gave it that moreish taste.  It was served with mustard and ketchup on top and fresh coriander to garnish.

Blackened Chicken Chunks

Thirdly, we tucked into one of the favourite new dishes at 90 degree melt – the blackened chicken chunks. This was stir-fried soya chunks in a spicy and flavourful sauce that was garnished with fresh coriander and ginger. The soya chunks were delicious and delicate and melted in the mouth.

The famous MELTs have arrived

90 Degree Melt is known for their grilled cheese dishes. Served in tapas sizes and made for sharing we went with three of the most popular choices available.

The Margarita Melt

First up was Margarita melt – the ultimate pizza sandwich. Packed with fresh tomatoes, onions, olives and basil and filled with creamy mozzarella and margarita sauce. The bread was perfectly crispy and the inside toppings melted in the mouth.

The Waldorf Melt

Next up was the Waldorf salad cleverly disguised as a sandwich. Cheddar cheese and creamy brie with rocket, chunky pieces of apples and caramelized onions packed this one. This was my favourite one so far.

The Donald Trump Mexican Melt

The final dish was the infamous Mexican affair, the Donald Trump Mexican melt containing smoked chipotle sauce, corn, peppers and roasted vegetables with a creamy, goeey cheese. This was delicious.

Vegan chocolate brownie

After all the delicious vegetarian goodies, our waiter brought us the house special – their daily made vegan chocolate brownie. It was creamy and chocolaty, everything you want in a brownie. The divine dessert came alongside fresh vanilla ice cream, fresh blueberries and raspberries and for that extra crunchy effect – some crushed pistachios. I could keep eating this forever. I could see why this was a favourite!

90 Degree Melt shows you that vegetarian and vegan dishes don’t need to be boring and taste bland. As you can see from the pictures, it is anything but! Even as a meat eater, I can say that I was deeply satisfied and full after my visit.

Give it a go. Your body will thank you and you will be pleasantly surprised!


90 Degree Melt

235 Mile End Road, London, E1 4AA

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