7 Outstanding Food Websites & Mobile Apps

Let’s face it. There are loads of applications available for mobile phones and tablets. You can spend hours trawling through the huge list of apps and never find a decent application. I know I’ve also visited loads of websites and been frustrated with the lack of support that they offer for mobile devices. 

There are also a multitude of websites and applications out there for foodies. If you are into gadgets and technology and are constantly on the move, then mobile food applications and websites are for you. If you are a foodie like me and are always on the lookout for new recipe or restaurant inspiration – then I definitely recommend checking out the links below. In this article, I try to bring you the best mobile apps and websites out there.



1. Foodily


First up is foodily.com – this is a great website that is changing the way we search for recipes. It has some great food shots to get your mouth watering as well as some easy to follow recipes. It’s also powered by your own network, which means you decide on your favourite foods and adjust the settings accordingly. It also integrates with Facebook and allows you to see what your friends are craving and cooking. Another great feature is the ability to store your foods in your Facebook timeline. 

Even if you aren’t interested in the Facebook integration – it’s also a really great way to just quickly search for simple recipes. Just type “Thai” and search through all the amazing photos to get an idea of the usefulness of this great site. 

It’s also optimized for Mobile browsing, so you can easily flick through the recipes whilst browsing on your mobile phone.



2. Tastespotting


The ultimate food porn site – I don’t recommend viewing this website if you are hungry! It contains loads of great mouth-watering photos of delicious dishes. It is really a random selection of food photos that link to the appropriate recipes. Again, one of the great things about this site is that it is optimized for mobile devices and will adjust to suit your device.

If you are into cooking or just looking for some food inspiration, I definitely recommend taking a look at this site!



3. Food Sense


Although I’m a bit of a carnivore myself and not much of a fan of the vegetarian lifestyle – I have to admit that this is a great website. It is aimed at anyone that is searching for some decent vegetarian recipes and has a great collection of recipes from their handpicked list of community bloggers. Some of the food photos definitely get the mouth-watering!

The description according to the website is:

“Food Sense is a unique resource for thoughtful, food-loving eaters and home cooks who have a palate for plant-based eating – for themselves or their loved ones; three days a week, or every day of the year.”

A lot of people have been taking notice of the brilliant responsive design that has been built into this site. The reason I chose this site for this list is because it will resize it’s dimensions according to the device to make for a very smooth browsing. If you access this site on a Desktop Pc, Tablet, or mobile device it will update dimensions accordingly which makes it a great browsing experience regardless of the device that you are using. I definitely recommend taking a look at this website for some great recipes.




1. Foodspotting


Without a doubt, this has to be my favourite food application. It is available to browse on the web and it is also available to download as an application for your phone. The whole concept behind Foodspotting is very clever and it also changes the way we find food at restaurants. Instead of reviewing restaurants, you can recommend your favourite dishes and see what others have recommended wherever you go. Foodspotters share where to find their favourite foods using photos enabling other Foodseekers to find whatever they’re craving, see what’s good at a particular restaurant and discover new foods wherever you are. 

Whenever I’m in a new area, I like the ability to fire up the Foodspotting application on my phone and find any great dishes that have been spotted  anywhere around me. There are too many features to mention on this site and I definitely recommend either visiting the site or downloading the app. It is available for most devices – iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, and Blackberries. This is definitely one worth checking out.

 Foodspotting - Foodspotting, Inc Available in Android Market



2. Nosh


This is another great application for your mobile that is very similar to Foodspotting. It allows you to search for a recommended dish at a restaurant instead of aimlessly searching through the menu. The goal of Nosh is to help you find the best dish at a restaurant. There is a great quote on the site that sums it all up:

“In the end, paper menus kind of suck. What’s the best dish at this place? What’s the worst? Have my friends ever been here? What should I order! These are all questions we want to know when we sit down to eat. A paper menu couldn’t tell us these things so we built an app that could.”

This application allows you to share and track your food experiences with your friends. All round – this is a great application. It is available on iPhone and Android.

Nosh Available in Android Market



3. Forkly


Another one of my favourites, Forkly is an application for your phone that allows you to search and browse for dishes at restaurants around you. It is very similar in concept to Foodspotting and Nosh.me. Forkly allows you to easily share your ratings and photos of food with you friends via Facebook and Twitter. It has great images and a really easy to use interface – my only downside is that it is only available on the iPhone.

forkly - forkly


4. Jamie Oliver’s Food Guide


Jamie Oliver is a household name, and his brand is also producing some great apps for mobile devices. Although he is more well known for his recipe apps and cooking apps – he has recently launched an application called Jamie Oliver’s Food Guide. It is a great way to explore Britain with over 1000 places to eat, visit and shop. This app is definitely one for the foodies out there. 

This application allows you to search for great places to eat and shop for food whilst using your phone’s GPS. When I downloaded this application I expected it to be quite short of content; however I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it is packed with great content and hidden finds out there.

At the moment, it is currently only available for iPhones.

Jamie Oliver Food Guide - Penguin Books


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