5 Top Tips For A Valentine’s Date

This article is written by our guest author John.

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Here at the Great Date Guide we love a good restaurant. After all, your choice of establishment can make or break your evening; either a poor impression on a first date or an underwhelming response from your significant other on a special occasion. Let’s be honest, as much as we all love a quick lunch at Waga’s, it’s not really going to cut the mustard on Valentine’s Day!

So it was with pleasure that the team here at the GDG accepted the offer from our friends at Bookatable to come up with a few thoughts on what makes a good Valentine’s date. Here we go with five top tips that experience tells us are well worth considering…

1) Location, Location, Location

Picking the right spot is key… think about where you are going to meet and how you’ll get there. You want your date in a good mood when they arrive and picking somewhere hard to get to will not help with that, especially when it will inevitably be raining in mid-Feb!

2) Romance

Get the right ambience. If your date is a real foodie then the menu is usually more important than the atmosphere, but even for the most discerning food critic, romance is probably the key for at least one night of the year! Take a look at some of the Valentine’s restaurant offers in London if you need some inspiration.

3) Surprise

Quite obvious this one, but it’s definitely worth trying to make the evening as much of a surprise as possible. People like to feel that a real effort has been made on their behalf, and planning a great surprise shows how much you care!

4) Something Different

Here at the GDG we love classic restaurants, but we also love original, quirky twists to a date. Some of our favourites at the moment are the brilliant tours from smallcarBIGCITY and London rib voyages. You’ll need to wrap up warm for the latter option, but a great excuse for a cuddle before dinner!

5) Flowers

Although we’re fans of trying something different, don’t ignore the classics! You can’t go wrong with flowers sent to the office. However much people say they find it embarrassing, we all know that’s not the case at all! And if you’re going to do it, then be a little different and go for a gorgeous white bouquet rather than the traditional red roses…

We hope this selection of thoughts provides a little inspiration and that this year you have a truly memorable Valentine’s Day. Our parting tip? Guys, pick up the tab!

Have fun from all of us here at the GDG!!

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