Review: Diciannove Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar

Spaghettini all’ astice - Diciannove Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar

Thursday evening in beautiful, breezy London town and my companion and I craved classic Italian food. Luckily, we were booked in to sample the delights at Diciannove in the City – a mellow and tranquil escape from the mayhem of Blackfriars. Upon entering we discovered we were to dine during one of the weekly jazz nights at the restaurant. The smooth melodies set the tone for a relaxed evening. Read more…

Review: Pizza Perfection at Eco Clapham

Four Seasons - Eco

I have to be honest. It’s not often I come across a pizza I don’t like, but it is pretty rare that I come across one that I love. Ever the pizza detective, I make it my mission to find the best pizzas London has to offer. Upon hearing that Eco in Clapham serve all their pizzas on a sourdough base, my ears pricked up and my Oyster card came out. Read more…

Critic & Blogger Review Roundup 20th May 2016


AA Gill
AngloImage source: The Times
AA Gill ‘admires’ the menu at Anglo in Farringdon, and could eat their white asparagus with smoked mousseline and cured egg yolk for ‘every lunch until autumn’. St George’s mushrooms are ‘remarkable, densely flavoured and sustaining’ and Devon beef a ‘perfectly good tranche of fine meat’. Read more…