Food Trends 2017 – Atul Kochhar, Benares


We chatted to acclaimed chef Atul Kochhar, of Michelin-starred Benares, about culinary predictions for 2017, his thoughts on the last year, and the age-old sweet vs savoury debate.

1)      What ingredients do you think will be popular on restaurant menus in 2017?
Vegetables are going to play a big role next year, with less focus on proteins such as meats. Read more…

Bringing Tuscany to Chiswick at Villa di Geggiano

The lounge before dinner

As a lover of Italian food, and the odd Italian tipple, the menu at Villa di Geggiano in Chiswick was certainly enticing. With many ingredients specifically imported from the villa in Tuscany, we had a feeling that we were heading for a very special evening.
The lounge before dinner
Upon arrival, we were welcomed by the lovely Gordon and Ilona with a glass of chilled prosecco. Read more…

Critic & Blogger Review Roundup 13th January 2017


Jay Rayner
Jay Rayner visits the new London opening of Aquavit, sister of the much-lauded New York site: it’s all ‘shiny and golden and glossy’, but ‘you’ll be paying’ for such things. It’s smorgasbord to start, where traditional gravadlax is ‘profoundly, indecently, lovely’, and ‘utterly engrossing’ mackerel tartare is the ‘best of these dishes’. Read more…

Food Trends 2017 – Luis Pous, Asia de Cuba


New year, new food. We spoke to Luis Pous of Asia de Cuba about his predictions for 2017.


What ingredients do you think will be popular on restaurant menus in 2017?

I think fresh and locally grown produce will be popular on menus in 2017, as people are becoming even more conscious of the origins of the ingredients they are consuming. Read more…