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We don’t mean to be rude, but we think you should get out more.

After all, the washing up can wait a little longer. London is for living, and with so many things to do, and unique experiences to be had, sofa-sitting no longer cuts the mustard. So ditch the box set, put down that takeaway menu, and carpe the diem out of dinner. Read more…

Critic & Blogger Review Roundup 22nd July 2016

Petit Pois Bistro

David Sexton
Pork, lovage & crackling at The Frog Restaurant
Adam Handling’s tasting menu dishes at his new restaurant, The Frog, are ‘all high impact’ according to David Sexton. Pork, lovage & crackling was ‘delicious’, asparagus ‘wonderfully intense in taste’, and burnt honey with malted ice cream like a ‘Crunchie bar… angelically transformed’. Read more…